FLAT EARTH BRITISH. Mindblow! Churches Were Re-Purposed Transport Stations In All Resets ?

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“Oi! I am back! Whoop! Today Flat Earth British propose that Churches & Cathedrals were in actuality Re-Purposed as transport stations ,and even Worship (Warship) stations through all resets. We look at the evidence. Also Today we look at a book of i500s Africa to find an advanced, and older world mapped and depicted . Pics and curio of the day i hope you all enjoy! http://www.flatearthbritish.info/ Peace & love to all! Please do subscibe,click that bell & share this post! Tar. Martinliedtke7@gmail. & or Didivanh@outlook.com for interest in Barbaria our breakaway civilisation” – cont’d

Martin Liedtke