I finally understand why it’s futile for those in the freeman movement to go chasing after access to the money in their Bond.

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Birth Certificate and Bond

20MondayApr 2015

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birth certificate and bond

Birth Certificate and Bond

I finally understand why it’s futile for those in the freeman movement to go chasing after access to the money in their Bond.

Firstly, let me explain what the Bond is and how it is created. At the time of our birth, if you are born in a hospital where registered nurses work, a Live Birthing Certificate is filled out by one of those nurses. The Live Birthing Certificate is written in the registered nurse’s own handwriting (which is important) on Bond paper – or what is known as parchment – and sent off to the office that collects them.  Then, a Birth Certificate is sent back to the parents of the new child to recognise the registration of birth.  If you have just registered the birth of your own child, did you notice that the form that you receive has your name, your spouse’s name and your new child’s name each typed in all capital letters? This is because that document shows that a Bond has been taken out on your child’s birth and that he or she is now deemed as a part share in the government of your country’s assets. Your child’s identity now has a Strawman. You’ll notice that you do too (your name being typed all in upper case).

When a Bond is established using the name given to you by your parents, an amount of money is deposited into that Bond by the government, and then skilled traders take that Bond and trade daily with it on the various Stock Exchanges of the world. It’s not your money that is put into the Bond at the time when your birth is registered, so all profit and growth on the capital is due to those who do the trading who get paid to do what they do. Therefore, all capital and profit belongs to those who put the original amount of money into your Bond in the first place. You don’t trade the Bond or contribute any skills to make the money grow, nor do you assist in any way to increase the value of the Bond. You don’t do a thing at all, except lend your name to the Bond. Other people set up the Bond, fund it, trade it and make it profitable, therefore they are entitled to decide how to use the money that gets accumulated in that Bond.  It is not our choice to make. It is not our right to have personal access to that money either, although we do get a benefit from it, believe it or not.

There are rumours in the Freeman movement that we can attain access to our Bonds, but I sense that this rumour is disinformation. The rumour has caused many people to go on a wild goose chase trying to get access to their Bond money, because chasing access to that money is rather futile and leads to a lifetime of frustration and misery. There are people who believe that they should be entitled to have access to those funds, however, with my new understanding of how it all works, I ask the question why? Why should we be entitled to those funds when we didn’t contribute to them in any way?  It wasn’t our money that originally funded them, it wasn’t our skill that increased the amount in the Bond through trading, so why should we be able to access those funds?

Most people don’t realise that it is the money in our Bond that helps run the country that we were born into. It is the money in our Bond that covers our social security payments, our government retirement pension, and in Australia it also covers our Medicare fund. It is the money in our Bond that helps builds roads and hospitals and education facilities, not our taxes. Our taxes get paid directly to the Federal Reserve Banks and the Reserve Banks around the world, so it isn’t our taxes that run our countries – it is the money in our Bonds. Why do you think that the Government offers an incentive to have children by paying out $5000 for each new child born? It’s because each time a child is born, another Bond is created that helps to fund the country. Essentially, another asset is created.

Did you know that the Bond for a male is worth approximately 70 million dollars, and the one for a female is worth 40 million dollars. Good incentive for the Government to offer a payout if you have kids hey.

The question to ask yourself when you feel that it isn’t fair that you don’t have access to your Bond is, “how else would I pay for my fair share of all those community expenses if there wasn’t a Bond for the country’s financial managers to draw upon?”

I think that we should all stop being so ungrateful and realise that as much as there are evil leaders out there, there is still alot of good being done in the world that benefits us.


FIRST THOUGHT – in other words, this trust they make you think you can dip into is really a National or Global or BIG CLUBHOUSE TRUST (divided by how many members are in the nation and was meant for RELIEF and assistance, not to make anyone a lottery winner)