Shechai Yah : TREADING A PATH to Civil War ?

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HOW TO BE LAW-ABIDING IN THE MIDST OF TROUBLE. — … AND WHY OUR KIDS HATE AMERIKA — … Tucker Carlson points out how Robber Baron Paul Singer, Elliot Management, a NY Hedge Fund investor feeds of Vulture Capitalism. — …Jon Levi shows from old maps how topography has changed, but notes how the history books have not kept up, but have told a false story to justify winners. —… … The same mentality–grab what you can get however you get it–infects the Democratic grab for power using inflated voter numbers, counterfeit ballots and false dating, and a robber baron media bent on coercing and forcing an election outcome … because they know the Dept of Justice is not equipped to do anything about it, its hierarchy either gas-lit or part of the scam themselves. — Shechai Yah