Quantum of Conscience : How much propaganda was in the “old viral emails?” ?

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Quantum of Conscience

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Quantum of Unconsciousness

Quantum of Unconsciousness1 week agoThere’s a lot of mask stuff showing up in the past now. How convenient!28REPLYView 2 replies

Mister Knight Owl & Co.

Mister Knight Owl & Co.1 week agoI have a masters degree in history and my focus was post civil war until the modern period. Read countless books about the spanish flu. Never once were masks ever mentioned or shown. Its bullshit.76REPLYView 22 replies

Metaphysical Plus Ultra Dark Reality Seer

Metaphysical Plus Ultra Dark Reality Seer1 week ago (edited)Little kids a hundred years from now will be in school learning about the great pandemic of 2020 that destroyed the world… Who is to say what we learned about a hundred years ago, the Spanish flu was not just propaganda as well.94REPLYView 15 replies


stavros1 week agoTHE SUFFRAGETTES. Got women into work, got women paying taxes, got women to hand their children over to the state childcare system and broke up the family unit. What heroes!20REPLYView 3 replies

ThinkInsideTheBox SquareCircle

ThinkInsideTheBox SquareCircle1 week agoI like every time when Matt says “it’s how they do business “😁👍🏾14REPLY

Jim Butler

Jim Butler1 week agoANYTHING viral is FAKE!25REPLY

Platos Zoodiac1

Platos Zoodiac11 week agoI’ve been trying to get people to understand the internet was developed as a weapon and this is a good example thanks matt20REPLYView 4 replies

Michael Murray

Michael Murray1 week agoWho was at the trolley stop to take a picture of this guy being denied a ride? A fellow passenger with a camera and color film?13REPLYView 2 replies

Sasquatch MTB

Sasquatch MTB1 week ago (edited)I saw an old pix of peeps wearing masks about 2 weeks ago. Either total BS or retrocausality. Seriously, never before have we ever seen these photos before until now, riiight…39REPLYView 8 replies

Vehemently Flat

Vehemently Flat1 week agoi think most archeological finds that we are told about are faked30REPLYView 6 replies


CHB1 week agothat “masked singer” show seems pretty creepy… never watched it just saw the ads.7REPLY

Jus Me

Jus Me1 week agoSpanish flu was vaccines…11REPLY

Ima Badasse

Ima Badasse1 week agoThey didn’t make disposable masks like that!!! LMAO!22REPLY

Faux Reality

Faux Reality1 week agoWhat ever happened to the whole “you had to sit still for several minutes” thing for photos? Now old photos captured motion with no blur at all. Always thought they were rare too, but apparently cameras were common in that era, but video cameras were uncommon in 2001 as an “expert” once lectured me about16REPLYView 2 replies

no point of reference

no point of reference1 week agoFEARNOT JESUS CHRIST IS REAL, ALIVE, AND VERY POWERFUL FEARNOT Stand firm, do not break rank. Do not take the gate vax.39REPLYView 11 replies

the way truth life

the way truth life1 week agoApparently a huge number of the deaths during “the Spanish Flu” were due to people coming down with bacterial pneumonia due to wearing dirty masks than died of the actual flu (?) Strange days. PEACE.Read more38REPLYView 8 replies

Proud Mom of Two

Proud Mom of Two1 week agoThe panda has a very dark meaning. I will leave it at that.16REPLYView 4 replies

Rosco P. Coaltrain

Rosco P. Coaltrain1 week agoIt just hit me that the people taking the download have Stockholm syndrome. Its like Plato’s cave. They are the people in the seat24REPLYView 5 replies


DPR1 week agosomehow Matt’s videos are the comfiest thing in our circles32REPLYView 4 replies

redhead sticky

redhead sticky1 week agoIts simple. Source was REDDIT. I ignore reddit, snopes, ect ect ect.9REPLY

gandf gandf

gandf gandf1 week agoThank you! Yes. All these masked masses photos from a century ago are bs. Going forward they will probably come to be considered fact. History re-write done. Pretty easy really.16REPLYView reply

Rosco P. Coaltrain

Rosco P. Coaltrain1 week agoIt is moderately hilarious that most wars were fought because of inbred family disagreements5REPLY

Matrix Glitch

Matrix Glitch1 week ago (edited)One of the obvious mind control spells that is put on humanity is that “we must never forget so that we can avoid history repeating” and yet remembering and always showing us fake and real images and narratives of the past, we can’t ever be allowed to forget and move on. The system wants us to always be presented with these things to ensure that history repeats over and over to keep us from our own souls.Read more12REPLYView reply

heatto jones

heatto jones1 week agoI don’t know if any other family did this, I’m sure they did. But I’m over 40 and both me and my wife’s photo albums from our family, if you flip the photo over, the date whose in the photo and where it was taken is written on the back.40REPLYView 6 replies


bobbie1 week agoNew CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks Than People Who Did Not Wear Mask+-+29REPLYView 23 replies

Steady Eddie

Steady Eddie1 week ago*rubs hands together… “this is my favorite level of Matt”9REPLYView reply

Aaron Jay Stephens

Aaron Jay Stephens1 week agoI’d venture to say “they” can make old images holographic & perhaps even synthetic 3D-realistic chimera replicas that even now are fooling the average 🐻 (especially via YouKnowWhoTube ).6REPLYView reply

Uncoded Reality

Uncoded Reality1 week agoI was talking to someone about the photos of the 1918 and how ultra bright white the masks are compared to the actual image, or the clothing, they look off.13REPLYView 7 replies

Колобър Тасеми

Колобър Тасеми1 week ago (edited)Great vid, i think this script has been ran many times before. They are not new at it. The deception has been around for a while i sense. Isnt it cruel for the owners to breed the sheeple and use them as donkeys over generations only for them to be destroyed at a later point? I can imagine how it happened. They probably said – “look at this guy he works hard and is gullible, lets breed him a lot with like minded females to create our slave class whilst killing anyone that is smart enough to oppose us that we cannot recruit.”Read more18REPLY

Dat's Lyfe

Dat’s Lyfe1 week agoThe saddest thing about those emails is that most of them failed to pay homage to the finest cigarette in the world—Peter Stuyvesant.14

Quantum of Conscience


Electrodynamic Orb

Electrodynamic Orb1 week agoWere blacks allowed on trollies in 1918?8REPLYView reply

They CAN and DO Make This Stuff Up

They CAN and DO Make This Stuff Up1 week agoI bet he didn’t tell you EVERY THING that happened at the boys school.3REPLY

Soul Token

Soul Token1 week ago“The authorities don’t grant concessions out of the kindness of their hearts; they simply concede the reality of what their subjects are strong enough to compel from them. If you want political leverage, don’t beg for it, don’t seek it through their channels – take power outside them.” ~CrimethInc., Contradictionary3REPLY

Graced Bear

Graced Bear1 week agoMy late Grandmother would have told me if they had to wear masks in 1918… I always asked about the horror of the Great Depression, and she would say “tramps \gypsies” were welcome to stay the night and have a hot meal and but then move along with a packed lunch if they wouldn’t work. I never got an authentic first person account that matched what school told me. ” You had fresh milk and meat to feed yourselves and strangers?”, “Of course, and work for the willing.” Similar with Grandfather on the USS Cummings, very bad chlorine leak, swim call with Shark watchers (the Pacific), met FDR when ship was decommissioned (and walked his dog Fala, grandpa did, aboard ship.) Good stuff but not like our books told! I listened for hours sitting at their feet! Compelled to share * thanks! Great work Matt!!Read more8REPLYView reply

Breaking Babylon

Breaking Babylon1 week agoIF anything is real about American HIS story, this land was where the awake people from Europe escaped the Babylonian mystery magic and bank cabals & sorcerers. Then the Leviathon created wars to kill off as many alpha males and non parasite bloodlines as possible. Generational slow kill for us. Generational wealth and power for them. Our ancestors appeared honest and faithful for the most part. Un corrupted by the sorcery. Here we are 200 years later. Now they use the black scrying mirror as the final nail in the coffin.Read more26REPLYView 6 replies

Brecht Banneel

Brecht Banneel1 week agoPlease stop saying “C’Mon Man.”. Makes me think of a certain creepy sleepy dude.3REPLY

Jason Maggard

Jason Maggard1 week ago (edited)OMG 13:30 image…I Witnessed Multiple photo shoots almost identical to this one around the country this past Summer. THEY WILL BE USED in the future! One I came upon in progress I parked across from the nursing home in an empty lot. “Nurses” in full PPE gear and holding small signs reading Covid19 struck multiple poses and dozens of photos…ONLY in the end to pile (with photographer and lighting person) into a fancy black tinted window 22 passenger Van.Read more11REPLYView 2 replies


drumstick741 week agoThat photo with the street car looked fake, alright.4REPLY

The Messy Garage

The Messy Garage1 week ago (edited)Matt…. When you were talking bout Mark Twain, a thought struck me… What if the system is using you in the same way…? Using All of us for that matter in one way or another, regardless of how “awake” we are…!? I mean No offense, just a thought that chimed in…. Ya KNOW, I Love the videos, thoughts, theories & Knowledge you bring us All! Thanks dude!Read more5REPLY


Memelandfarms1 week agoOver 100 years of aerodynamic engineering and everything they present us with looks like a shoe. 🚗