The Real Matrix Hidden in Plain Sight | Babylonian Debt Magick System & How to Break Free ?

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Enjoy this insightful and essential perspective that even hardcore Anarchists had entirely missed. This is the real puzzle pieces put together to provide a succinct explanation of the history you would never get to learn in schools!

Kenneth Scott chats with Jeff Berwick (The Anarchast) in the run-up to the Anarchapulco Conference to discuss how the Babylonian Debt Magick System works and the real matrix of control that’s hidden in plain sight, as well as how to break free.

Topics include: a fundamental belief in freedom, the esoteric nature of the power elite, the ancient origins of today’s systems of power, symbolism and ancient bloodlines, family houses, bonded debt and corporations, US bankrupt since 1933 and in a state of permanent martial law, the truth is hidden in plain sight, The Gemstone University’s Status Correction Course, returning your person-hood, forming a private society respected by existing power structures, appointing an IRS agent as your trustee, an opportunity for pure Anarchy, opting out of the system, the case of Dean Clifford and the Sovereign Man movement, and more.

0:01 Intro
2:50 True anarchy
3:35 The layers of our bondage to the system – getting the puzzle pieces together
5:30 The multidimensional esoteric pool – ‘hidden in plain sight’
6:25 Historical roots of evil
6:57 Babylonian Debt Magick System
7:17 The ages old One Religion of Slavery
8:16 The roots of the system, historical and symbolic
8:30 The Two Pillars and the Arch above them
8:53 The Line of the King and the Line of the Priest
9:01 Monarchy & Law of the Priest binding the population still today
10:12 The How of our bondage throughout time – Neo in The Matrix
13:18 How we are Bonded Surety to a bankrupt franchise
19:47 We Volunteered our own Enslavement? Disclosure
22:35 Indentured Servants and Slavery
22:50 The power of trusts & how it was abused to enslave
23:16 Split title trusts & voluntary servitude
25:23 Where does our voluntary consent come from? How do we become bonded surety?
27:20 Bankrupt corporate nations of one world order system, One Corporation
27:43 Can we claim our status capacity and estate back from the One Corporation?
28:26 Opting out of the system, status correction, and equity
33:58 The IRS Code, legal fictions & control
35:00 Correcting our course to get to freedom & equity
36:10 Divide & Conquer into a Split System
36:40 Remedy in Law
38:00 Private societies
41:00 How to do a course correction, individually / collectively
43:53 How the bankrupt system of currency is monetized in the world system
44:20 How to be a true anarchist & remove our consent
46:17 The case of Dean Clifford and the Sovereign Man movement
50:12 The missing link in the puzzle of the world stage
53:59 International Law and Global Control
55:45 The mechanics of our worldwide bondage in military occupation & license to kill
58:16 Patriot Act & enemy of the state, domestic terrorism & battlefield of commerce
1:00:50 The 14th Amendment & Global Occupation
1:03:19 The Secret to True Anarcho-Capitalism & Becoming a Free Man on the Land
1:04:40 Contact details and information


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