FLAT EARTH BRITISH. Mind Splat!… The Word! & The Lost Key! & Living Architecture ?

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Woah! Have we got a post for you guys! Buckle in! ‘Ancient mystic oriental masonry, its teachings, rules, laws, and present usages which govern the order at the present day’, a book that will blow your minds! Masonic secrets, Living Architecture, King Sol-Om -On and the secret word ( Sound). American being Atlantis! Noe, and the Bible stories all said to have happened in America. The story of the greatest Empire the World has every seen was in old America. Many more deeper questions will be answered but many questions remain. Enjoy!” Pics ,and thoughts on everything! Love & light up the realm! http://www.flatearthbritish.info/ For Barbaria. https://barbaria.vectorclaw.com/login


Martin Liedtke