VC is 91 — HS is 1,707 — We forgot to wish them a happy birthday !

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Vatican City turns 91

The Vatican City : ten facts to help your visit go more smoothly.

10 Things You May Not Know About the Vatican

Vatican City & Holy See are both Aquarius — and it’s an air sign ! hey, maybe we should send them each a box of top quality FACE MASKS made in Istanbul , because that’s alot of candels to blow out … and … gee, maybe we should include a few tanks of fresh air and some ventilators … because … y’all look like dumb monkeys and ya’ act like them too … no, better skip the joke … they probably figured that much out all by themselves. .. how about an astrology book for air heads ! yeah ! they can add it to all the fake history books in their libary !

we’re picking out some birthday cards for you … no ordinary birthday cards will do …

The apostolic see of Diocese of Rome was established in the 1st century by Saint Peter and Saint Paul, then the capital of the Roman Empire, according to Catholic tradition. The legal status of the Catholic Church and its property was recognised by the Edict of Milan in (February) 313 by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, and it became the state church of the Roman Empire by the Edict of Thessalonica in 380 by Emperor Theodosius I.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn ( all the court administrators AKA judges weark black robes for this reason – and they are the worlds BIGGEST CROOKS in the USA because they send all the fines and hidden service fees and taxes ( zig zagging back to the Roman Empire – where it is then redistributed globally by folks Americans never even elected )

A MIND GAME ? The smallest city state UNINCORPORATED nation in the world as a store front fot the BIGGEST DECEPTION in the world ?

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FIRST THOUGHT: If Grandma and Grandpa are 93 years old, they are older than Vatican City.

happy birthday song in italian language ?