Aiding & Abetting ?

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U.S.M.C Cadance- Everywhere We Go
Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood – (1981) Tradução – Loganbr 2015

voting for criminal corporation presidents is a good indiction that you are aiding and abetting criminals … keep that in mind before ya’ count yer’ danglin’ chads !

as for all those double dippin utility service DECEIVERS … with all of their hidden service fees … yep. they fall into the criminal category, too … according to Uncle Rip !

So, before ya’ open that mail and send fake bills to real criminals ya’ might want ta’ stop for a minute and reconsider what the metaphysical penalties are or aiding and abetting Satan’s little helpers !

y’all have fun, and enjoy the reconsidertions … every thought counts !