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Were we ‘screwed’ before we were even born ?

Preventable Birth Trauma For Mother & Baby – Author & Educator Jeanice Barcelo (Part 1 of 2)

Lost Arts Radio

Preventable Birth Trauma For Mother & Baby – Author & Educator Jeanice Barcelo (Part 2 of 2)

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 10/11/20

One of our listeners asked me to look into inviting Jeanice Barcelo to be a guest on Lost Arts Radio, and sent me a video by Jeanice that took me several weeks to get to (https://youtu.be/4LdhElrJz_4). When I finally did get to watch it, I knew we had to ask Jeanice to be on the show. Watching the video is an intense experience, and some people may find it too emotionally difficult to get through. But the video has so much important information that future parents and everyone who cares about kids and future generations have a chance to learn critical information that is hard to find anywhere else all in one place.

Previous Sunday show guests have exposed nefarious activities in hospitals across America that are going on every day, from euthanasia of elderly patients to vaccinating premature babies, knowing many will suffer serious injury or die. But Jeanice will be the first guest to lay out in detail what is being done routinely to mothers and their babies, before and after birth. Subjects like the use of ultrasound, drugs and vaccines given to mothers, clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord, depriving the baby of oxygen and vital nutrients, male genital mutilation, and much more will be discussed on the show.

Considering the state of medical and public health “education” that programs health professionals with all kinds of false and harmful information, it is up to parents and those who support them to guard their own health and that of their children from a system that has gone criminally insane. We’ll be welcoming Jeanice this Sunday, and I hope you’ll be there to learn from her presentation. Make sure to visit Jeanice’s website (http://www.birthofanewearth.com) cont’d

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