Two New Best Friends Forever ?

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Friday, November 20, 2020

Two New Best Friends Forever

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ever met someone and just “knew” that you were on the same wavelength, and felt a surge of joy almost like falling in love?  

That is happening to me more and more often as more Americans wake up and take to the field.  They are appearing like avenging angels, popping out of the woodwork and joining the fray on our side.  

So don’t wait another moment to welcome the cavalry coming to save this country and wake it up.  

If you or anyone you know is cowering in fear and going broke because of “restrictions” —- go to .   There you will find the educational materials that you need to defend your business, your body, and your family from the unauthorized and incompetent “Health Police”. 

No Governor Can Make a Law.  

Got that?   Go listen to Peggy Hall explain it on YouTube. 

Nobody nominated or elected them or anyone in any Congress to be Health Police, and that also includes the privately owned and operated CDC and NIH. 

Read the Tenth Amendment.  

Health is a topic never entrusted to the Congress or any part of the government of this country.  Ever. 

And when you are done “loading up” on the help and common sense that Peggy is offering, take another deep breath and visit
I just about got up and started dancing when I saw what they were doing. 

I have taken shots at educating the police and the peacekeepers, but let’s face it, I have spent too much time at the library and my style is Old School.   

We have desperately needed someone who is less academic,  but still spot on, someone who understands constitutional guarantees and limitations, someone with common sense….. and Hallelujah!  Here he is, just in the nick of time. 

Meet Howard Lichtman. 

You won’t believe what this man has accomplished with his little 25-page Handbook for the police forces and peacekeepers. 

And like me and like Peggy Hall, too, he didn’t try to make it into some big money-maker for himself. 

He published it for the good of the people of this country and he made his Handbook freely available for download as a pdf.  

May God love Howard for that, because a lot of those who are suffering police harassment and brutality are among those who can least afford assistance. 

If you are having trouble with any police department or police officer, give him a copy of the ThickRedLine Handbook.  Give it to his boss, and his boss’s boss. Give it to every member of the State of State Legislature.  Every Mayor. Every District Attorney.  Every Judge.  Every Magistrate.

They are just now beginning to order printed copies in quantity.  I just put in my first bulk order.  It won’t be the last.  Every Assembly is getting a copy to pass around out of the first run and I have no doubt whatsoever that once people see this, it will be an international best-seller. 

Howard explains very well, very succinctly, very persuasively, and in very common language—- the evils of legislative misconduct, the criminalization of “offenses” that cause no actual injury, and the cost to police and peacekeepers and society as a whole.   
You will love it.  And while you may have to wait a couple weeks for an official printed and bound copy, you can print off your pdf copy right now. 

Do so.  Cherish it. Savor it.  Make more copies if you need some on an urgent basis.  Take them to a print shop and have them spiral bound.  

Getting the ThickRedLine Handbook to every police department and local government unit and State of State Legislator in this country is of primary importance to everyone concerned. 
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