Part 2: Occult Theocracy…Mazdeism…Confucianism & Taoism…Egyptian Esoterism…Judaism…Orpheism and the Pagan Mysteries ?

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we continue with Lady Queenborough and her work Occult Theocracy, and she touches a number of bases in this installment

…” It is forbidden to disclose the secrets of the Law. He who would do it would be as guilty as if he destroyed the whole world ” (Jaktu Chadasz, 171,2). The restrictions and commandments bearing this in view were raised to the dignity of dogmas of faith. It is not astonishing that in face of such prohibitions the secrets of the Talmud have been so little known to other nations, especially to the Western ones, and till the present day, even the most progressive and citizen-like Jews think the disclosure of the principles of the Talmud a proof of the most outrageous intolerance, and an attack on the Jewish religion.

In order to separate the Jewish nation from all others, and thus prevent it from mixing with them, and losing their national peculiarities, a great many precepts of the ritual and rules for every-day life, prejudices and superstitions, the remainder of the times of barbarism and obscurity, have been gathered in the Talmud and consecrated as canons. The precepts observed by Eastern Jews till the present day deride even the most simple notions of culture and hygiene. For instance they enjoin

” If a Jew be called to explain any part of the rabbinic books, he only ought to give a false explanation, that he might not, by behaving differently, become an accomplice in betraying this information. Who will violate this order shall be put to death. ” (Libbre David, 37.)

” It is forbidden to disclose the secrets of the Law. “

” One should and must make false oath, when the goys ask if our books contain anything against them. Then we are bound to state on oath that there is nothing like that. ” (Szaalot-Utszabot. The book ofJore d’a, 17.)

” Every goy who studies Talmud, and every Jew who helps him in it, ought to die. ” (Sanhedryn 59 a. Aboda Zora 8-6. Szagiga 13.)

” The ears of the goys are filthy, their baths, houses, countries are filthy. ” (Tosefta Mikwat, v. 1.)

” A boy-goy after nine years and one day old, and a girl after three years and one day old, are considered filthy. ” {Pereferkowicz : Talmud t. v., p. 11.)

These principles afford an explanation of the action of governments in excluding Jews from judicial and military positions. They also explain that mysterious phenomenon known as Antisemitism.

….” The Pagan Mysteries being of such an immoral Nature, and Tendency, it might justly be thought strange, were no Notice taken of them in the Holy Scriptures. And therefore, though such an Enquiry might carry us into too great a Length, yet I shall not entirely pass it over. There can be then little Doubt, but they are pointed out by St. Paul : ‘ It is a Shame even to speak of those Things that are done of them in Secret. ‘ And where Christianity is termed the Mystery of Godliness, it is set, I am persuaded, in Opposition, not only to the Mystery of Iniquity that was to work in the Christian World, but likewise to the preceding Mysteries among the Gentiles. Nor is it improbable, that the Apostle writeth in direct Opposition to the Appearances, Pretences, and Impostures of those false Divinities : Without Controversy great is the Mystery of Godliness…

Full text of “Occult Theocracy by Lady Queenborough a.k.a. Edith Starr Miller – Murdered for Exposing Conspiracy


Lady Queenborough

Lady Queenborough


William Starr Miller (d)
Edith Caroline Warren (d)
Almeric Paget (en)
Audrey Elizabeth Paget (d)
Enid Louise Paget (d)
Cicilie Carol Paget (d)

Lady Queenborough de son vrai nom Edith Starr Miller (née le et décédée le ): était une essayiste britannique. Elle était l’épouse de Almeric Paget lord Queenborough. Son nom a souvent été orthographié Queensborough par erreur1.


Edith est née à Newport (Rhode Island), fille unique d’un riche industriel et promoteur immobilier de Nouvelle-Angleterre, William Starr Miller II (1856–1935) et d’Édith Caroline Warren (1866–1944).

Le , elle épouse le baron Almeric Paget2, devenant ainsi Lady Queenborough. Le ménage, qui aura trois filles, s’établit dans une luxueuse maison à Hatfield (Hertfordshire), dont Edith conçoit tous les décors intérieurs3.

Edith obtient le à New York City le divorce pour violence conjugale4. Elle meurt presque exactement un an plus tard à Paris5.

Elle est surtout connue pour sa publication posthume Occult theocracy, un ouvrage conspirationniste décrivant un vaste complot jésuitejudaïquemaçonniquegnostiquebrahmaniqueilluminati pour renverser le christianisme.

Occult Theocracy s’appuie sur les précédents travaux de Domenico Margiotta, Léo Taxil, Alice Bailey, Abel Clarin de la Rive et Nesta Webster. Plusieurs fois réédité, cet ouvrage a influencé d’autres auteurs conspirationnistes comme William Guy Carr.

Miller était l’associée et l’amie de Leslie Fry. Durant 10 ans, elles analysèrent le travail de Nesta H. Webster et conclurent, à l’inverse de Webster, que la British Grand Lodge (maçonnerie britannique) était très impliquée dans l’occultisme. La résultante de leur collaboration fut leur livre Occult Theocrasy (2 vols., Paris, 1933)6. Dans ce livre, Miller et Fry développent la thèse du judéo-bolchévisme et d’une responsabilité de la communauté juive dans la Première Guerre mondiale. Elles adhèrent également à la thèse judéo-maçonnique.


  • Common sense in the kitchen (1918), à compte d’auteur.
  • Occult Theocrasy (1933), 2 vol., impr. F. Paillart, Abbeville.

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