What Language Did you BORROW to Establish Validity of Your Declarations & Claims, etc. ?

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Are You Owned By The Usage Of Words & Alphabets & Time Stamps that You did not Create Yourself ? Are YOU and yOu and YOu and yOU still Using a copyrighted FICTION trying to substantiate a FACT ?

Please say KNOW … Raise your hand if you took the time to create your own language and Alphabet and Calendar USING THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE of love … not one hand … PROOF the simplest part of the FREEDOM EQUATION is still waiting for one of y’all to solve it !

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“Jordan Maxwell’s guest was Kurtis Kellenbach, Who studies language and how it’s used to used to enslave you under Vatican law. They talk about the hidden meaning of words and the origins of its use to literally own the human population. Don’t miss this informative show!” – http://jordanmaxwellshow.comhttp://americanfreedomradio.com