Who’s Afraid of THESE OLD BOOKS ?

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i wish i could find a good book, ma ..

who’s afraid of what ? these old books, these old books, these old books … my fair lady … London Bridge never fell down, never fell down, never fell down … even though it’s a popular song, with intention … even though it was vocalized millions of times …. these old books … let’s have a look, let’s have a look, let’s have a looksee … my fair lady …

SERIOUSLY, anything published after 1900 may or may not be fact or fiction, but a combination of overactive imaginations & Fleet Street Global Empire News Control Headquarters in London !

False information broke the Bank of England with the fake report of Waterloo … and newspapers with fake or misleading headlines have been faking the entire world out for 100 years or more … just like the I.O.T is in 2020 !

But the old fake headlines could be thrown into the nearest fireplace or used for cat litter or … and nobody was standing over your shoulder to record every emotional output … they weren’t as stupid as the data collectors today …

They knew most folks were under the spell of the PRINTED WORD …

in 2020 folks are under MUCH MORE than the printed words and fake headlines … NOW they can make your music sound good or bad, slow ya’ down or speed ya’ up … put ya’ in an echo chamber to see which echos result in what … and they know you prefer this to that … oh, and they’ve got the blink rates and flicker rates and all kinds of FREQUENCIES and vibrations to INFLUENCE THE world we assume has somehow improved !

Never mind the good folks who have been reading KING JIMMY’S VERSION of the Bible every day for 50 years and still can’t figure it out … those Christians are easy to figure out … it’s the FOLKS who are still thinking original thoughts and still enjoy rabbit burgers over lettuce sandwiches …

ANYWAY … Where is the first part of the OCCULT BOOK written by Queen What’s her name … and why is this old book spelling common words like theocracy with an ‘s’ instead of a ‘c’ in 1933.

and, if women were never allowed in the KNIGHTS OF FRIGHT temple ceremonies and thingy dingies … how did Edith Starr What’s her name get all this information … did she get it from A MASTER OF DISASTER or did she dress up like a YENTLE guy and … so many questions ….

one thing is a fact. 1913 and 1933 were both pivitol years regarding REAL HISTORY.


Who’s afraid of Edith ….

Same idiots that love ta’ blinkle and twinkle and flash yer’ screen as part of their petri dish agenda … surely it couldn’t be any normal PERSON with better things to do !


someone is afraid of these old books.

Thank Zippy for the clues !