Who’s Who in the Zoo ? Is Emily still Emily ? Is Peggy still Peggy ?

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How many doppelgangers does it take to fake all the spies out ? What happens if 12 doppel gangers discover who they REALLY are in the year ? What happens if one of them changes her name from ‘Emily Windsor Cragg’ to Shechai Yah ? Come here little rabbit, don’t make me chase ya’ WE WANT THE TRUTH !

The UK and Commonwealth Deserve BETTER 1

Shechai Yah – AKA – Emily Windsor Cragg

yep. she’s also known by that name, too … doesn’t matter if she changes it 999 more times … we knew her as Emily … that’s a fact.

My real name Margaret Anne Windsor

“Divorce decree altered, new wife tried have me killed Oct 1982, along with others.”

Peggy Childers