Shechai Yah – NEWS is altered til NO WAY TO KNOW WHAT’S TRUE ?

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“1. The election was influenced at 3 levels: 1) 5-10 million counterfeit ballots sent in; 2) Dominion software designed to flip votes from one candidate to the other and 3) willing collusion of battleground state poll workers WITH THE COUP. So the whole thing is BOGUS.
2. The election FIX we are looking at has a long history. It’s been a COUP ALL ALONG, and “the Smith Act,” 76th USCongress, 3d session, ch. 439, 54 Stat. 670, 18 U.S.C. § 2385 is a USFederal statute enacted June 28, 1940, against advocating A COUP. Today we have a criminal COUP at work.
3. Tests aren’t authoritative because positive results include all sorts of OTHER PROBLEMS :: HIV, leukemia, porphyria, sickle cell, copd, asthma, allergies, reactios to 5G. Come ON! Stop GAMING US with this only partially correct info.
4. What we’re suffering from now is DEHYDRATION & SUFFOCATION caused by 5G’s exploding the water molecules in our living cells; and NO vaccine can fix that.
5. Get away from 5G, whatever it takes.”