“El Baile” (An Afro Cuban, Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

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Since moving to Miami a little over a year ago, I’ve found myself listening to tons of Latin Jazz (i.e. “Afro-Cuban” and “Afro-Brazilian” Jazz). Whether I’m hearing that Jazz live or via my new favorite radio station 88.9 WDNA (Public Radio Miami) that Latin Sound seems to always be near me. This Mix “El Baile” is a definite reflection of that South American/Cuban sound with some good ‘ole African Rhythms sprinkled in for good measure. Some standout tracks on this High Energy mix include: “Africana” by Corvino Traxx, “Saxo Drama” by Boza and The Smooth “Guanile” by Johnny Fiasco. So grab a nice Cuban Cigar, some smooth Rum, and let’s get ready to Dance!!!

El Baile:

00:00 Le Gente (Norty Cotto Club Mix) by Norty Cotto & Oscar P
04:57 Tribute by Justin Imperiale
09:13 Africana (Soulful Mix) by Corvino Traxx
15:22 Paseo by Johnny Fiasco
20:44 Quimbara (Gigi Testa & Felix Combo WPM Vocal Mix) by Peppe Citarella & Andres Roman
28:23 Latin Vibes, Pt. 1 by Jihad Muhammad
34:28 Garden Party (S.O.L. Brazil Mix) by Mezzoforte
40:37 Saxo Drama by Boza
46:06 Pasilda (Knee Deep Club Mix) by Afro Medusa
52:25 Ache Para Ti (Osunlade Yuroba Soul Mix) by Kiko Navarro
59:59 Guanile (Pablo Fierro’s Orchestra Original Mix) by Pablo Fierro

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