Sidney Powell made good on her promise ? 104 page Georgia ‘Complaint’ ?

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Sidney Powell Shoves Her Chips ‘All in’ With Georgia Complaint Alleging Rigged Election — Part One

Sidney Powell made good on her promise to file an astonishing lawsuit on Wednesday night.

On behalf of several Republican Presidential Electors, Powell — joined as Plaintiffs’ counsel by famed Atlanta trial attorney Lin Wood — filed a 104-page complaint that begins with the allegations that the Dominion voting system sold to Georgia was originally designed for, and used by, Hugo Chavez to ensure that he never lost an election as President of Venezuela.  The complaint alleges that various uncontrolled and open parts of the software architecture are designed so that real-time activity logs can be modified to delete activity involving vote switching and/or addition/subtraction from the accumulated vote totals in such a way that the activity would not appear on the activity logs as part of an audit.

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