California Girls ? G U 1 S E ?

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Music video of “California Girls” of of DLR’s 1985 EP “Crazy From the Heat”.

What is the difference between guise and disguise?

Disguise involves hiding your real identity, disappearing in the new role.

Guise is about trying on new, attitudes and mannerisms, such as speaking and acting in the guise of a native in a place where you are actually a tourist. (oh, we could really have some fun ‘using guise in a sentence’ — and even more fun asking why it sounds exactly like guys & not girls, but we sure wouldn’t want to upset any gmo apple carts in orange valley … until we practice a bit more with all the possiblities) what better 5 character dog latin domain is there to describe the world of half truths and the illusions that support them … it’s more subtle and honest of a word than merely saying fake … and, yes, the surface of this planet is still controlled by GUYS in 2020

what would a numbe 1 guise look like, if one were even possible …

let’s dedicate this page, for now, to (mostly) guys talking about the nature of realitY!