Greg Hunter – Bo Polny – Trump Wins – Dominos Will Fall – Gold Will Rise ?

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Biblical cycle expert and financial analyst Bo Polny says believe it or not, we are living in the “End Times” talked about in the Bible. Polny explains, “We are living in Biblical times, and we are about to see Biblical things go down. God is in control of this. . . .This is like the time of the Red Sea and Moses. Everything looked bleak and horrible. You had Pharaoh’s army charging Moses, and the Israelites were pinned up against the Red Sea. All of a sudden, God gets involved, and what happens? Within a short period of time, the Red Sea opens. They cross, and then God closes the Sea and Pharaoh’s army is no more. That’s what’s coming. I don’t care about these mini lawsuits because, ultimately, this is going to the Supreme Court, and it’s going to be the Supreme Court that is going to make the final ruling on this. It is going to be devastating, absolutely devastating to the Democrat party and even some Republicans. It is going to be horrible. The system as you know it . . . everything is about to blow up, and it’s going to be awesome. God is in charge and he is in control, and he is not going to let the United States fall to the evil ones.”

Bo also predicts, “We are going to have an awakening and not a reset (communism). . . . God wants to wake up the people who want to wake up and see the truth. So, truth is going to be exposed, and we are going to have what is called ‘A Great Awakening.’ That is what the evil ones are trying to stop because if they get their way and Biden continues, they are going to push for the ‘great reset’ which is man-made. The man-made reset is a push for the global agenda. They do not want a Great Awakening because the Great Awakening can be compared to a set of dominos. . . . Guess what happens when that first domino goes down?”

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Bo Polny says the Democrat/communist/globalists want to remove God and Jesus from America and contends, “They want to hijack the U.S. elections, and if you hijack the U.S. elections, you are ultimately hijacking the most powerful nation in the world, which then gives you control of the world. So, that is the agenda these people have, and that is to control everything. It’s to get the Promised Land, which is Israel, but before you get the Promised Land, you’ve got to get the United States the most powerful nation that is guarding it and protecting it.”

Polny says the old dollar system is going to be shaken to the core. He also says, “The place to be is not in paper, but gold and silver.”

Polny predicts massive fraud is going to be exposed, but not just in the elections, in the financial system, and the U.S. dollar, too. Polny predicts, “Trump wins, and all these dominos start to fall, and this includes the dollar. When all this comes out, if you don’t think that is going to shake ‘faith and confidence’ in the U.S. financial system, I don’t know what will. So, why else will gold and silver go crazy vertical? Because these crazy events are about to go down.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Bo Polny of Polny will set up multiple biblical timelines over the next decade for the dollar, gold, silver, Bit Coin, the elections, the evil people trying to overthrow America, Revelation in the Bible, all culminating with a time window for the return of Jesus Christ in the following decade.

(This is an in-depth interview that is nearly 90 mins long. Enjoy!!)