Lionel Nation ? No Trump, No CNN/MSDNC/FakeNews ?

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Please note. Theres no sound until 1:17 in. Royal brain derailment.

“Indeed, you won the elections, but I won the count.” — Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza (1896-1956), Guardian (London), 17 June 1977.

Well, LionelNation may be demonetized, but we’re not demoralized. Nothing can and will stop the message of truth.  cont’d

“What else do we know about this population, 18-24?” Kamala Harris once asked the audience, before answering her own question: “They are stupid!” Her words, not mine.

The primary political focus of this channel has pivoted decidedly towards the November 3 election. And how couldn’t it? Nothing matters now but that. And it. The CV1984 claptrap is prolix and dutiful and woke heteroclite psephologists are now zeroing attention to address the incomprehensible possibility: a Joe Biden presidency. That simple. And I’ve (again) one focus, scilicet returning the greatest President of my lifetime to office. Join us.

Mother America is under attack ideologically and spiritually by an enemy determined to destroy Her foundation and essential principles. This is an existential fight and as such requires the commitment of a new centurion, a heteroclite truth warrior committed to protecting our constitutional republic. But it’s a new war and anew enemy. Political left and right is dead. Liberal versus conservative might have made since during the Reagan epoch but not now. – cont’d


Lionel Nation