St. Elias DID NOT ‘discover’ Wrangell Park ?

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Never mind what Wiki Deceive Ya’ or the Jesuits that start with a ‘J’ claim. And, while yer’ thinkin’ that simple thought, ya’ might want to consider another simple thought. CONSTANTINE and the Roman Empire had absolutely no authority to claim every piece of God’s Apple Pie belonged to them through the doctrine of discovery or ‘conquest’

Every mother fuckin’ claim of Establishing ANY place by Jesuits should be thrown in the trash and disregarded as NONSENSE … after they’re sued for deception, impersonation, false claims, and BULLSHITTERY ! Fuck all the historical CLAIMS and proclamations of GEE LOOK AT ALL THESE FOLKS THAT DON’T SPEAK LATIN IN ( any of 100,000 places named after those greedy pirate Saints ) LET’S CLAIM IT IN THE NAME OF JESUS with a ‘J’ and name it after one of our HOLY PERVERT HIGH PRIESTS !

WRANGELL NATIONAL PARK is the LARGEST PARK in the USA … and it’s much easier to remember if ya’ leave out the ST. ELIAS (rhymes with lies ta’ us) PART … there is not end to the Roman Empire Bullshittery WHEN it comes to FAKE CLAIMS AND GIANT EGOS ATTACHED TO their HISTORICAL DECEPTION in the age of Pisces … ( P eye Sees, Seas, Seize )


Welcome to Wrangell State Park ! St. Elias did not discover us … ! Tell your map makers you aren’t buying any more maps until they remove all false claims AND NAMES !

(((3 good videos of Wrangell National Park go here)))