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Susquehanna Storytime: Why Stories Matter & How They Shape Reality

History, self-talk and propaganda are examples of how stories (or narratives) get into our heads and then become experiential reality. This is the nature of the human experience. Don’t fight what we are, understand it and embrace it! Unexpected police visits, JHU reports, In-q-Tel, bNEXT, UN PR programs, Orbs, Thanksgiving tales, the Susquehanna Sympathetic Magic Map and more – cont’d

The Susquehanna Mystery Continues: Getting Weird at Conewago Falls Susquehanna Alchemy

Geological anomalies + historical firsts + syncromystic connections show the Susquehanna River as a key component to understanding the mystery of life of earth. In this video we go deep and look at the strangeness just south of Three Mile Island at Conewago Falls (the real good stuff starts at the 49 minute mark for those with little time or patience). To truly appreciate what is being revealed, pull all of the Susquehanna/Scranton information, across all of the different videos, together and then the big Aha will happen. – cont’d

Golden Threads: The Steiner House update, Starboard-Seneca Ley Line Connection & the Magic Penny Susquehanna Alchemy

Too much research makes Jack a dull boy. In this video are some updates and stories, filled with synchronicity and golden threads. Biomancy: The Art of Interpreting Life – cont’d

Susquehanna Alchemy