Emily Moyer – Neil Sanders: Memetic Warfare & Mind Control ?

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Emily Moyer

Neil Sanders joins Emily for an open discussion on the effect that mind control, memetic warfare and group think has had on the alternative information community. Is it possible that we have fallen for many of the same tactics that are used on the so called “sheeple”?

*Note: This was a very revelatory conversation for me. I really enjoyed chatting with Neil even though we disagreed on maybe more things than we agreed on. Neil is an expert on mind control and an incredibly skilled researcher. There is no way that he is “asleep.” I think having more of these spirited conversations with others who we know have also done their work but have arrived at a different position/conclusion is crucial to the advancement of the “truth community.” It is time for us to grow up and stop behaving like the people we accuse of being sheep or a monoculture with no diversity of thought/opinion. I look forward to having him back to dig deeper into some of his work.