Samson & Who ? Delilah ? In the middle of the road ?

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Searching … FIRST THINGS FIRST … switch to another browser … get out of North America SEARCH OPTIONS (nothing but pay to play auto generated videos that look nothing like the orignals) … try one of those Scandinavian Search Engines … That was easy ! #BingSucks #GoogleSucks #YouTubeSucks #FireFoxSucks (DID WE FORGET ANYBODY!)

Middle Of The Road – Samson and Delilah (‘Tele Dimanche’, 16-01-72)

Middle Of The Road are one of FIFTY artists and groups from the ‘70s that are profiled in my book ‘LOOK WOT THEY DUN! (The Ultimate Guide to UK Glam Rock on TV in The ‘70s)’. – cont’d

Peter Checksfield

Middle Of The Road – Samson And Delilah – (1971) Tradução

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