TANK Live from Albany New York ?

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SPEAK Project

Pinned by SPEAK ProjectSPEAK Project5 days agohttps://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2020/11/28/delaney-pay-americans-to-take-covid-vaccine.cnn9REPLYView 5 replies

Bill Scott

Bill Scott5 days ago (edited)I’m 65 and can probably be first in line for the lifesaving serum. I’ll sell it to the highest bidder as I don’t want it. Coronavirus is the biggest hoax since the Warren Report Obama’s forged birth certificate and 911. This vaccine has antifreeze as an adjuvant. I want to see Fauci and Ba’al Gates take their own vaccine first.50REPLYView 3 replies

Bieh Pham

Bieh Pham5 days agoArrest Bill Gates.43

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Marcel Ploeger

Marcel Ploeger5 days agoBill Gates and Friends are pure Evil39REPLYView 2 replies

Suzan Hoogerwerf

Suzan Hoogerwerf5 days ago (edited)President Trump should make an announcement stating the stimulus checks belong to the people, with NO strings attached.54REPLYView 8 replies

Bengt Pärlhamn

Bengt Pärlhamn5 days agoFor God sake Tank, call the Viking out and take these people out as promised!!!36

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Venraef5 days agoThe UK is now going to label passports with people’s vaccination-status. This needs to stop.25REPLYView 6 replies from SPEAK Project and others


Nan-eQ5 days agoThat liability law should be repealed!!!23

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Holly Bishop

Holly Bishop5 days agoI’m trying to get this message out to everyone but people have a SHORT ATTENTION SPAN‼️and the intro is so long that they turn it off and move on !9REPLYView reply

Enkhee Zonorov

Enkhee Zonorov5 days agoThank you for Enlightening Humanity with actual FACTS ALWAYS not fake media…❤️❤️🔥🔥😂😂🙏🙏19

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Sarah Doemland

Sarah Doemland5 days agoThank you Tank and Ava. I am sending this out immediately.19REPLYView reply

Michelle Manganelli

Michelle Manganelli5 days agoSign also needs to say Vaccines full of Poison metals and formaldehyde18REPLYView reply


Wetblanket5 days agoLiability or no vaccine. Simple. Either way, no vaccine for me, unto the death.17

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Helen Kaiser

Helen Kaiser5 days agoLet them sheeple ,Bill Gates, Fauci and anyone else pushing this take it first(both doses)19

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MsLuvan5 days ago (edited)I think The VIKING should go and knock on Kill Bill Gates of Hells door12REPLY


grandadknows5 days agoHi From Scotland UK18REPLYView reply

optin 369

optin 3695 days agomak3 ‘christal h3art’ go viral9

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Imaginationary Man

Imaginationary Man5 days agoUsually the music has a volume of 9 and the persons talking are at volume 4. Toady the intro music and Ava were at around volume 5 and Tank was at volume 9. People wearing earbuds or headphones may get blown out. Not complaining, just making an observation. Great podcast. YOU ARE BOTH APPRECIATED!!!!!Read more8

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Bunny Chaser

Bunny Chaser5 days agoYes I got that text for 1500$ to do the vax trials 2 months ago! I told my friends wow, they break the people financially so they need the money .. horrible9REPLY


SeaGlass5 days ago (edited)you have to always remember that WE ARE LIVESTOCK to “them”…..we take up room on this planet and they don’t consider us LIFE……stay with your groups and FIGHT for your rights to participate in life HERE on planet earth……the ONLY WAY to address this marxist demand is to FIGHT BACK……WAKE UP AND STAND UP TO THE CABAL12REPLY


LION ROARS5 days agoVaccines have become Bio Weapons12REPLYView reply


Susette5 days agoBravo…great production! Heartbreaking story. 😢10

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Guess Again

Guess Again5 days agoOf course they are experimenting on native people !10REPLYView 2 replies


dh1908525 days ago (edited)Why did they not use the vaccine on prisoners on Death Row or serving Life Sentences? There are plenty to choose from.6REPLY

Kat Omen

Kat Omen5 days agoWhat’s even scarier is having family members tell me that they are EXCITED for the vaccine and can’t wait until their whole family takes the magic kool-aid with them and will refuse to have anyone around that hasn’t taken their gov overlord’s chemical cocktail. Sooo looks like I’m out of a big chunk of “family” soon! Anyone want to interview me to be part of your non brainwashed family? I’m a good chef, well travelled, and have a great sense of humor! 😅Read more13REPLYView 4 replies

Angels AreReal

Angels AreReal5 days agoPower starts with We The People🌏Wide. Let us Unite for this Greatest Cause called Life, Jusyice, Peace, Sovereignty, Love and Happiness❤.5

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Joyce Anderson

Joyce Anderson5 days agoWelcome to new world order. Beware of reset. Comes at a high price—loss of freedom6REPLY


g2rc5 days agoI say we all come together in one mind, body and spirit for a world wide day of prayer Thursday December 3, 2020 AGAINST this medical tyrannical poison covid one-nine vaccine.3REPLY

mikeymusic1- Ambient Cinematic Music

mikeymusic1- Ambient Cinematic Music5 days agoTop effort guys I shared to my FB & fu(& these corrupt lot The People deserve that money direct… it shouldn’t have to change hands or go through a blackmail to take a vaccine to get that deserved stimulus……I guess if anything it’s exposing more bureaucratic corrupt weeds in the garden……just pull that shit out already and help the people who are deserving of and struggling and suffering!!!!Read more8REPLY

jane hoffman

jane hoffman5 days agoIt is time to release The VIKING! ⏳5

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Mature Beauty

Mature Beauty5 days agoThe Exemption from liability is the increased public risk factor. I won’t be vaccinated.2REPLY


Awake2Truth5 days agoWe drove under the same sign today here in Colorado on HWY 70. Well done.4

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Enkhee Zonorov

Enkhee Zonorov5 days agoSo shocking that Mr Bill Gates wants to inject human beings Please AWAKE UP CALL for HUMANITY against the shadow governments3REPLY

Wasabi Ginger

Wasabi Ginger5 days ago… humans have always been seen as merely lab rats … that greatly amuse those that perpetrated this planet eons ago … time we wake up no longer compliant!3REPLY

Belle Ange

Belle Ange5 days agoFigures. Of course the deep state knows people would take the vaccine for the money…won’t be able to spend it if your past help.2REPLY

Will Lawson

Will Lawson4 days agoPeople need to know the real truth about “vaccines “ and their one and only purpose. They are designed for one main function. They are to mutate DNA. If one needs to physically vibrate in a set reality the DNA must be in tuned to that set vibration. If the vibration of that set reality is to change so must the DNA capability in order to sustain life. This is the “theoretical “ sacrifice of “JESUS CHRIST”. That blood/DNA is in all humans and can be activated with the higher consciousness/frequencies. “And you to can be CHRIST like” the devil/Satan can not go into higher consciousness /realms with his garbage ass DNA. They are trying to trick the frequencies of consciousness with false DNA infused by “vaccines “. Only those who choose will stay in low/fear state of consciousness. The deal between God/Satan. You are half and half who’s side are you on? The great harvest or great purge? Good luck we are waitingRead more2

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L Dev

L Dev5 days agoThanks Tank! 🙏🏻💪🏻🇺🇸5

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karen cary

karen cary5 days agoMargerq why give to Trump send to people4REPLY

Ava Cowan

Ava Cowan5 days agoThis is the kind of information that needs to be seen. My dad just watched this broadcast, (HUGE Tank fan oh my!) and I KNOW this is the first time he has seen the TRUTH about vaccines. This information is life-saving, because people trust the news. NO matter what we say, in that generation, they simply do. So I will replay this broadcast when he forgets and talks about getting a vaccine. Looking forward to the future!Read more2REPLY

olga cooper

olga cooper5 days agoSpeechless.6REPLY

truth only

truth only5 days agoit messed up ppl are so desperate right now2REPLY


Leinani5 days agoTremendous gratitude to you Tank🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽2

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Rocio Jacobs

Rocio Jacobs5 days agoThanks Ava and Tank to keep us well informed👏🏻👍💕4

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Mikki Shellman

Mikki Shellman5 days agoThanks for your dedication to keep us informed! We love you ❤️, God bless you and keep you safe 🙏.2

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Thandi Michelle

Thandi Michelle5 days ago (edited)Thanks Tank for going out in the bitter cold and all that pitched up there with you. They are preparing for the vaccine agenda in South Africa and said it will be the first country roll out globally. We are working on our country policy and half way done.4REPLYView reply

Becky Biehl

Becky Biehl5 days agoOMG! A crystallized heart?1REPLY

Chiari madness Awakening

Chiari madness Awakening5 days agoThank you Tank!1

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L5 days agoHow can a heart crystalize? Or was it calcified? I’ve heard of calcified arteries but a heart.REPLY

avi mae

avi mae5 days agoI have a vaccine damaged child and granddaughter!REPLY

Annette Hines

Annette Hines4 days agoThe vaccines are killing people!1REPLY

Nicole Jenkins

Nicole Jenkins4 days agoCool- thanks for coming to townREPLY

FREE RANGE Gail of Gaia

FREE RANGE Gail of Gaia3 days agoNo strings attached…that rep is compromised!REPLY

Alice Hansen

Alice Hansen5 days agoI am confused. I thought Trump can only access the 500 billion . How did Mnuchin or the Senate get access to it to pay people to get the vaccine? More clarification is needed.1REPLY


londoner7525 days ago (edited)Stop the psychopaths. It’s very simple. If people continue to do harm, my responsibility is to stop them. DO THE RGHT THING. People will understand – maybe not today, but certainly tomorrow. DO IT!! – I get you want to get as many as possible on side and I imagine you have algorithms measuring that – BUT – BUT – BUT – “when danger threatens, it’s always time to ACT”! (Bronco Billy). Get on with it! NOW! – People are dying and suffering all kinds of pain. Sanction ME. – I’ll do whatever I can – so will lots of other like-minded, decent folk.Read more3REPLY


G B2 days ago👿☠️REPLY

Rex M

Rex M5 days agoYou’all need to locate, buy & watch 2 dvd’s…Vaxxed & Vaxxed II. Great for ‘people on the fence’. I promise, once you watch these…you will not EVER want another needle in your body!!! PLEASE…do this! Much Love & Balance to all who read. Rx2REPLY

Made in the Shade Blinds North DFW

Made in the Shade Blinds North DFW5 days agoI watched the video today with Kim. If we have been enslaved in this system since 1666 how can we get out? If there is no more debt how can we stop paying taxes and mortgages? How do we get back our birth certificate bond? Why are you giving trump $500 B? Why don’t you give it straight to the people? Seems like we are still slaves, just to different owners?1REPLY

Margeriq gm

Margeriq gm5 days ago (edited)So I don’t understand if Kim gave Trump money that only HE could access, how did Munchkin get his filthy hands on it!! 😡😡🤬 I DONT GET IT??? CAN’t She pull it back???4REPLYView reply

Annette Hines

Annette Hines4 days agoUnited Nations REALLY??? Evil ThugsREPLY

karen cary

karen cary5 days agoGood luck with that Suzan1REPLY

Gale Schnurman

Gale Schnurman5 days agoI thought Tank said in his last video that the vaccines were mysteriously rendered useless. I also thought Kim said that these vaccines companies and insurance companies don’t have any money to distribute the vaccines and she isn’t giving them any. Please correct me if I am wrong I am just a little confused.1REPLY

Colleen Ferris

Colleen Ferris4 days ago (edited)Why would you continue to give funds to a corrupt government that are not for the people right now?REPLY




FringedGentian5 days agoTANK, our American Indians need the stimulus, also!!! Stop Vaccines on US Indians!!! Americans!!! STOP VACCINES!!!1REPLY


Truly5 days ago😱 Unbelievable .