World Music Grab Bag – 2020 #0109

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Scopitones – Sylvie Vartan – sings – Ray Charles’ – What I Say (in French)

Scopitone was a 1960’s type of jukebox featuring a 16 mm film component. Scopitone films were a forerunner of modern music videos. The first Scopitones were made in France. These videos came to me through my brother-in-law Carl. He first showed them last September while we were busily preparing to travel to Lopez Island for Robyn’s wedding. I don’t know if Carl was nervous about traveling to this estrogen soaked destination, but I was. We watched the Scopitone music video DVD, as a sort of pre-game warm-up exercise. “Pussy Cat A Go Go”, performed by Stacy Adams and the Rockabily Boys, was the first video on this disk. Yes it is plainly misogynistic, but it is also a product of it’s time, plus it’s French. The second video, “What I Say”, by Sylvie Vartan is not sexist, but it is even more French, Ce que j’en dis – cont’d


Ray Charles – What’d I Say Pts. 1 & 2

Ray Charles – What’d I Say Pts. 1 & 2 from the CD ‘the definitive Ray Charles’ © 2001 Warner Strategic Marketing, Warner Music International for the World outside of the US, all rights reserved

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