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Saturday, December 12, 2020

My “Crystal Ball”

 By Anna Von Reitz

Some people accuse me of sorcery.  How could I know what I know, just sitting out in the sticks in Big Lake, Alaska?  I must be “connected” to some intelligence gathering community, must be an agent of some kind, etc. 

Believe me, the agencies have been up my rump for years, tracking every communication, following every trail, trying to discover my “intel” contacts— and to no avail.  

The truth is that I just use my head, listen, look, and talk to my friends who are similarly employed with the task of researching the past, observing the present, and, in a sense, predicting the future.  

If you have the first two parts — the research into the past and observation of the present, it’s not too hard to make good guesses about the future, particularly because the Svengalis in the back room are not really that bright or creative. 

They constantly repeat scams that have worked for them in the past.  The present situation is just a variation of what they pulled to bring on The Great Depression—- with the same goals in mind, too.  

They want to crash the economy using the Covid-19 excuse, so that the people will be reduced to suffering and poverty and dependence on the government. They, the bankers and shakers, can then come in and buy up everything for pennies on the dollar. 

Just like The Great Depression, only instead of crashing the stock market, they are using “Covid-19” to do the same thing. 

They also want to bring on World War III using the Chinese.  First, they trick the Chinese into hiring on to act as the world’s policemen; under the direction of the UN CORP and its franchises, the Chinese are slated to replace the Americans as the Cheap Mercenaries needed to coerce and oppress all the other countries.  

The Chinese need some kind of work for their million man Army. 

Meanwhile, the Americans (and everyone else on the planet) are waking up to the threat and bridling against the UN CORP and the Chinese Mercenary Police idea.   People aren’t liking the Corporate Feudalism that is built into the UN Agenda, either.  

The Vermin plan to get the depopulation and “ecological advancement” they want out of China by misleading the Chinese into war with the West. 

They are funding all this via counterfeiting “US DOLLARS” — Obummer gave them the printing presses, engraving plates, inks, papers, etc., to do it, and so, they are just churning out cash by the container load and shipping it all over the world like manure. Ship High in Transit. 

They launder this bogus windfall by investing in “assets” of all kinds, human and otherwise, to build legitimate asset bases, that they then employ to do the dirty work.  It has taken them about twenty years to get this far with it. 

They were obviously helped to do all this by manipulating the elections in Obummer’s favor in the first place, by corruption of the corporate Boards of Directors directing the operations of the FBI and CIA, and by using the abundant cash to buy off naval and ground force support in our own dear military.  

Herr Rothschild and Monsieur Rockefeller simply hired the Chinese and enabled them to print USD, and now, plan to pit them against the West, fund both sides of the debacle, and profit themselves while getting the depopulation so cherished by the Pope. 

From their perspective, it’s all win, win, win.  From our perspective, it’s all lose, lose, lose.

In recent days, people have asked me what I think about Donald Trump and what he is doing?  
I’ve been tracking Donald Trump’s performance since he stepped foot in the Oval Office.  Trump has steadfastly either accomplished or made a good faith effort to accomplish everything he promised the voters.  Only one major thing remains — to drain the Swamp.  

Now, I can’t prove it for sure, but if I were to lay odds, I would bet that he is doing what he promised to do at this very moment.  And I would bet that as of Monday, December 14, Trump wins no matter what else happens in the world. 

That triumph may be muffled, even silenced, but it will come just like the silent sweep of the hands on a digital clock. 

Whether this is good or bad, depends a lot on China and its leadership.

Will they realize that their government has been undermined from within?  

Will they see that instead of being Good Fellas bearing gifts and labor contracts and printing presses from the US Mint, their new friends are parasites intent on finding a new host?  

Will both “the USA—Incorporated” and China refuse to take the same old bait?  

Will they whirl around back-to-back, and destroy the common enemy of all mankind—-the Vermin, instead?  What part will valiant India play — again?  What part will Turkey’s million man army play?  
We tend to forget, but Turkey has an army well-able to counteract anything that China can do, already booted up and poised to move.  And the two forces have a Bad Blood memory between them.  In Korea, the Turks got no business from the Chinese, who actively (and wisely) avoided Turkish detachments like the Bubonic Plague.  

So, in a one-to-one slugfest, a million man Chinese Army versus a million man Turkish Army—well, it doesn’t look good for the Chinese. 

I’ve said from the beginning that this is not about politics. It’s not about race or religion.  It’s not even about money or corporate profits.  It’s about crime and criminals benefiting themselves at everyone else’s expense. 

As a result, the appropriate response isn’t WWIII.  

The appropriate and logical response is to play the bankers and their backers and all the criminals employed by the Vermin and give them enough rope to hang themselves.  

And then, arrest them as the criminals they are, men and women of all nations, who have acted as criminals and betrayed their own countries for gold—- or what passes for it. 
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Posted by Paul Stramer 


  1. UnknownDecember 12, 2020 at 11:59 PMCorrection, China’s military has 100 million strong, not just 1 million. Check it out.
  2. Manna ם ֶחֶלּ ַהDecember 13, 2020 at 4:45 AMCorrecting the correction; China’s army is reportedly 2.3 million with 1.1 million in reserves.
  3. ShelbyDecember 13, 2020 at 5:08 AMAnd according to articles written by you long ago the Chinese and Russians woke up long ago??

    So which is it?

    And I say what the outcome of all this bullshit reality show called politics that this build your own self governance is the EXACT direction they wanted this play to go

    Better get the book link while you can Paul will delete my commentsReplyReplies
    1. ShelbyDecember 13, 2020 at 5:21 AMGo have a peak at the ‘genius’ who wrote this book and the INCORPORATED ENTITY HE CREATED BEHIND IT
    2. ShelbyDecember 13, 2020 at 5:32 AMThey are a bunch of Hollywood families creating your reality on tell lie vision and on the back end the people they have brainwashed to beLIEve the lies are working their asses of to make their dream a reality

      Sing the Laverne and Shirley song

      This is Hollywoods Dream of owning the whole planet, their GOLDEN GLOBE

      Donald Trump the movie star and from the apprentice


      Thats why they laughing all the way to the bank

      They are your counterfeiters and liars
      The families are all related folks they have hidden kids everywhere and I do mean everywhere
      The other hollywood family members are masked in CGI playing the roles of your senators, governors, DA’s, Attorney Generals, Director at the WHO

      James Comey aka Tom Selleck and a DA and Police Chief in New York on 9 1 1

      Oh and he plays the role of Jesse Ventura too!
  4. BpinmmDecember 13, 2020 at 5:51 AMShelby- Thanks for the download I was looking for a new book to read.Reply
  5. Patriot58December 13, 2020 at 7:51 AMThe enemy of your enemy is also a dirtbag and your enemy.
    The only way to win is to kill evil where and whem you find it…like a garden, pull the weed when you find it. Crush the bug when you find it. Shoot the little bastard rabbit when you see it.
    Life is simple folks, don’t complicate it.Reply
  6. JeannieDecember 13, 2020 at 8:44 AMAnna’s crystal ball must be broken..Trump the Savior of mankind.. “People have asked me what I think about Donald Trump and what he is doing”? Anna’s kept an eye on him since he entered the Oval Office? Really? Funny how there is never any mention on Trumps signature of “Operation Warp Speed” maybe joining Twitter would help the crystal ball predict the future better on what Trump says is coming to all Americans..and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise..not even Anna’s crystal ball..Is it b/c you don’t want to see or admit that Trump has most Americans bamboozled?..oh that’s right he is the Savior..even though he is the one pushing the vaccines..and proudly so..Trumps tweet Dec11th 2020.. “While my pushing money drenched but heavily bureaucratic @US.FDA saved five years in the approval of NUMEROUS great new vaccines,it is still a big,old slow turtle.Get the dam vaccines out NOW! Dr.Hahn @steveFDA.Stop playing games and start saving lives..DJT
    Yes he really thinks himself to be the Savior..Dec11th 2020″ I just want to stop the World from Killing Itself” DJT..”FDA approves PFIZER vaccine for emergency use!!! DJT..ok Mr Savior..maybe you don’t understand that PFIZER..has spoken out that the trials in its vaccine have already killed that doesn’t sound like he is saving lives..oh then let’s not forget 4star General Perna..and his comments of a madman..his videos alone makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck..calling in his Dec12th briefing.. Vaccine distribution
    D-Day Operation Warp Speed (military lingo..the beginning of the end)..The Plan I put forward prioritizes the elderly and patients with underlying conditions as well as healthcare workers and first responders..DJT..maybe it’s wishful thinking and praying that belonging to the Assembly’s will help you all escape what’s coming..there is no way to explain Trumps signature vaccine program other than what it is..the Billions he made sure went to GAVI..explains itself..along with his recent speech in the Oval office..trying to convince the American people on the safety of these mRna DNA never ever used in the history of the world vaccines..with humanized mice..yes you’re reading that right along with fetal parts the list is to numerous of sickening ingredience..
    I know Anna and many others don’t believe that they will not be included in all of these plans that the Luciferian NWO has for all of may escape the vaccine and maybe not..we will have to wait and see if it’s not the initiation itself to prove your allegiance to Lucifer and his coming NWO one world government enough of the Savior BS..
    Now the subject of the Noahide Laws..Public law 102-14..Anna should get her crystal ball that she can see the future more clearly..b/c these madmen don’t and won’t give a flying sh*t what government state or state of state you will belong’s again the same system of luciferian doctrine..that’s been in the making forever..they are ALL in it together..even those who you are being told come from other places outside of this system..there are no good guys in this spiritual war..oh their fake due on the scene soon..coming in peacefully and prosperously..promising you wealth health and happiness if you just bow down to him and his not allow yourselves to be may want to check this stuff’s for real folks..see it doesn’t matter what you believe..these madmen that want this planet for themselves..don’t want you here..they want their’s one big club and you ain’t in it..God Bless
    Former Rabbi Warning to’s a interview with Steve and Jana Benoon and a Rabbi
    Non Joos are not human..

    1. ShelbyDecember 13, 2020 at 9:24 AMTrump is a ctowhore

      Fauchi is Martin Short folks

      It’s called brainwashing

      They have had the con going forever their family members before them where the conmen of old

      You so called representatives in all areas of the godvernment have been brainwashed just as everyone else has

      They have gotten men and woman from all walks of life to do their dirty work while they steal the masses blind

      And Martin Sheen aka Donald Trump is no different
      His entire bio is fake false
      They made it up to go along with the story line
      Just like Mike Pence
      Who is the son of a well known Hollywood actor

      I think I may have solved the mystery of who the Rockyfeller Clan is too

    2. ShelbyDecember 13, 2020 at 9:43 AMAnna needs no crystal ball as I believe her and Paul both are in on the CON
    3. ShelbyDecember 13, 2020 at 10:19 AMI’ve tried to warn all of you that this entire end times bullshit is scripted
      The only thing this writer is missing is that these jokers are all from the same family of acting con men

      People from all walks of life are being conned by family members that folks have no idea are even related to these inbred freaks
      Like RoseAnne Barr and Juan O Savin, the invisible man
      They surrogate out their eggs and have offspring that we know nothing about and put them out all over the world to make the shit happen they want to happen

      I suggest you read it and see what this freak show has in store for everyone

      Their fake ass aquarian age bullshit is just that
      So while they have everyone saying this aquarian new age new earth golden age bullshit is a beautiful blah blah blah
      The populace will be BLIND SIDED by the flood, earthquakes and valcano eruptions they have planned for the masses while they and their family members will be kept out of harms way

      Which is why Anna is in Alaska and Paul is in Montana
      Key locations for their end times climate change global warming disaster to hynotize and cull the public to beLIEve that God did it

      Vegas is a target, all four corner states are targets
      Yellowstone is a target
      The San Andreas fault is a target
      The New Madid fault is a target

      Through all the fake agencies this freak show has put in place they have been able to put all the things in place for decades of planning and non prying eyes to oversee their dirty deeds

      And while the writer of this blog paints nudes of playboy bunnies he too is part of the con but he reveals whole lot more
      He tells his readers to do nothing just watch an observe this is all an ILLUSION – NOT

      Until you get your head wrapped around the fact that Hollywood and all their siblings put this play together you will never break free from the spell

      Their intent is to bring about this climate change disaster on this continent and Canada and Mexico and everywhere else in the world so they can kill the people in plain sight blame it on the climate they are using as warfare and then they and their families will live happily ever after on their Heaven on Earth without all these other pesky families to use up all their resources

      From the catholic church all the way down to the local level they are all involved
      Hundreds of thousands of their surrogate kids in all positions of power and in music, arts, education etc etc etc
    4. UnknownDecember 13, 2020 at 12:42 PMI hate to say it, but, I must agree with Shelby. This is more insidious than most are seeing or willing to believe. Evil personified. Though I hope it is delayed by the GRACE of THE MOST HIGH, I think that is all we can expect. It’s all prophesied. The evil one is pushing hard and gaining ground by the second. If you read the end of the book, it’s all there. We are most definitely in the end times and the end is not pretty. America is Babylon and the first to go with the whole world watching and crying as she burns. The whore of revelation in which the whole world has been fornicating with. Read your bibles, people. DECEPTION is everywhere. Remember the admonition…”nothing is as it seems” and “truth is stranger than fiction”. We have but one Savior and one alone, Yeshua Meshiach.
  7. Ellie SDecember 13, 2020 at 11:19 AMAnna’s right – crystal ball indeed! If even we peons here on this forum can see what’s happening, surely, we can get the U.S. and China and every other country on the planet to see it too. The jig is up.
    This insanity in the world today is the result of third-party law…period. This technology has been in use for millennia.
    Any two (or more) countries/organizations/ political foes in conflict only need to sit down, compare notes and *figure out* exactly which third party on the planet will PROFIT from a senseless and destructive war or military action and then agree to JOIN FORCES TO GO AFTER THOSE PERPS. In these days of internet and information/intelligence, it’s obvious.
    We already know that we can’t trust the media. We know that we cannot believe what we hear (or don’t hear) on the news about ‘making the world safe for democracy’ or ‘weapons of mass destruction’ or any of that bullshit.
    We already know that it’s the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, the Pope and the Queen and their subsidiaries and corporations who stand to make the most profit out of this chaos. They’ve been at it for centuries. Why do we still choose to ignore that? Why are we still buying their crappola?
    Let’s face it – No culture nor sane being wants to enter into a war which they can’t afford financially. Nobody with an ounce of sense wants to enter into a conflict which will leave their country and their homes and institutions in ruin. Nor do they wish to enter into a melee from which they stand to lose their children, parents and siblings to senseless killing, torture and slavery and disrupt their lives for decades. All of this is brought about by those evil third parties.
    It’s time to get rid of all these third parties – puppeteers and their puppets, alike.
    All countries and every person on the planet need to know who these creeps really are. We need to eliminate them and START OVER. This is what *DRAINING THE SWAMP is all about. It’s now or never.
    Thanks for listening

    1. ShelbyDecember 13, 2020 at 5:38 PMAnd I say the Pope the Queen and Rothchilds and the Rockefellers are stories these hollywood families created for just this time
      They write all the books, produce all the films, create the fake moon landings and space aliens and all the bullshit
      They hide their money behind fake foundations and fake personas so that no one will ever look behind the mask of who these fucks really are
      Rockefeller is not even Rockefeller they created the damned story
      Just like the bald looking prick on the Simpsons for god sake that is the Rothchild freak show walking around
      No doubt a fucking family member wearing a mask or not who knows
      Who knows where the ugly bastard spawned from
      Could be John Lithgow
      It is a monopoly they created and they print the damned money too
      They created the damned stories to go along with all this bullshit and want you to believe it is phophecy so that it is ok for you to die

      For gods sake people

    2. Make it happenDecember 13, 2020 at 6:09 PMShelby- Mortal made is an “illusion”, immortal made is “reality”!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Heaven!!!