Dolly Manghat – The Great Conjunction Of 21st Dec – Jupiter Conjunct Saturn – PRELUDE – New World Order ?

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If you thought 2020 was overwhelming and felt powerful energies all around, well, we are heading to the climax, the apogee of this energy and vibration. Jupiter conjuncts Saturn at 0 deg, Aquarius on 21st Dec 2020 (Winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer solstice in Southern Hemisphere).

Coming on the back of two eclipses, this is the transformational energy we are geared up for – the Air era. Rigid structures outlive their purpose and corrupt. They either need changed or purged. This is exactly what happens now. Top-Down hierarchies will be demolished for more flexible-flat structures that imbibe the Aquarian qualities of “We over I”. This is the new world order.


Dolly Manghat