Why is There a Silent ‘i’ in the Word ‘Parliament’ ?

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A silent ‘eye’ that nobody pronounces … just sittin’ there, takin’ up space … Par la ment … Par law ment (southern drawl) par lia ? nope ! Par Li Amen T ?

Par Lament – and why is there only one ‘m’ in Lament … anyone remember being taught to double consants to avoide a long vowel sound … nobody pronounces ‘LAMENT’ with a long ‘a’ vowel sound …

lament = sorrow, grief, to mourn – par for the course when PAR LAMENT meets ? of course … because they all know they’re nothing but grade b actors in a grade b movie following orders from the movie directors …. be like, gee, i went to law school to … be an actor … smile ! that’s an order !

lah lahment … the correct way of spelling lament would be LAHMENT … The correct way of spelling PARLIAMENT would be …. Parlahment … IF we lived in a story where anyone actually spelled things they way they sounded … so, what’s up with the ‘h’ how did it avoid getting put into the equation ?

scratchpad thought no. 14.5 today … all the other thoughts relate to the word PARLY PARLY PARLY PARLY MENT … ooops ! spelled it wrong again … PARLI AMENT