Matrix Mash #28: Our Saturn Return + Fungus, First Love, FISA Shots & Field Of Dreams ?

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Robert Phoenix is back in the house for another rousing round with Emily. Check out the Saturn return of Matrix Mash!

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▪ Robert’s recollections of fungus and first love
▪ Transformative power of psychedelics
▪ Tim Pool, livestream, content hygiene, cognitive dissonance
▪ Alex Jones, Melissa and Aaron, David Knight
▪ Steve Pieczenik
▪ Lin Wood
▪ Trump
⁃ Fisa shots
⁃ 17/Q
▪ Martial Law
▪ Closet tyranny vs open tyranny
▪ Tulsi Gabbard
⁃ scorched earth
⁃ repeal requests
⁃ Field of Dreams
▪ Man in the High Castle/ Phillip K. Dick
⁃ Amazon series
⁃ multi-realities
⁃ Rufus Sewell; Joe Blake/Richard Spencer
▪ 1984 theme of war
▪ American Revolution, French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, Color Revolution happening simultaneously
▪ Julian Assange warning of stolen cables
▪ Galactic center
▪ Jesse Owens
▪ They can’t control the reset
▪ Erection rigging
▪ David Martin
▪ Flippity fish
▪ Shennanigans

Laura stepped out to cook dinner at 2:35 in….35 minutes they’re STILL going!!!

▪ Enthusiasm for being scared, wearing a mask, accepting PPE to be on lockdown…or surrender?
⁃ Stockholm syndrome
▪ Spicy food
▪ Winddown silliness
▪ Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

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