Project Kids – Summer Camp #5.1: Trans Capitals On Time Travel Highways & Shows About Nothing ?

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Emily and Michael got together with the group for another day of camp. Enjoy!

Contact Emily at for info on how you can join Project Kids.

First 90 Minutes- Public

▪ Strange clouds, skies, astral cities and donuts
▪ Jet packs and monoliths
▪ Santa Fe Trail
⁃ railroad tracks across from dilapidated structures
⁃ time travel portals?
⁃ Forrest Gump
⁃ Trinidad, CO
⁃ trans capital…
⁃ Bubba Gump Shrimp Company
⁃ Chocolates
⁃ Tom Hanks-pedophilia, adrenochrome, corona virus
⁃ All roads lead to Scranton
⁃ Railroads/rail stations as covers
⁃ Camouflaged city next to a real city
⁃ The Villages in FL
⁃ created by Disney, expert at creating false realities
▪ Sean Gautreaux, cloaked craft, self-generating cover
▪ Vaping
▪ Westworld, Burning Man
▪ Different set of imposed realities in different locations
▪ Movie analogies—Dark City, etc.
▪ NBC Nightly News
⁃ one big covid commercial
⁃ Zodiac Killer case “solved” 58 years after the fact
⁃ Saturn
⁃ connection between Zodiac killer and space
▪ Wag The Dog
⁃ Barry Levinson
⁃ shows about nothing
▪ Stanley Kubrick
⁃ moonlandings and sex cults
⁃ The Shining

Emily Moyer