Emily Moyer – Masaki Miyagawa: Hindsight 2020 – BBQ, Voo-Doo & Tears ?

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Masaki Miyagawa joined me to put a bow on the shit show that was 2020 and ponder a guess at what we can expect in 2021. Enjoy!

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Hour 1: Hindsight Look At 2020
– Highlights of Masaki’s trip to Brasil
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* Mystical happenings
– Important to understand signs and symbols
– Grafted realities
* Aquarian energy, more portals opening
– Brasil-Covid, Bolsinaro, extreme left, multi-layered splits, new lockdown, vaxxers
– Fear is compelling people to go along to get along
– Cult of “scientism”
– Tears and BBQ voodoo
– 2020: builder year…do the occurrences of 2020 make sense in hindsight?
– 2021: the real weirdos are ready to rock it!
– Death vs the fear of death

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Hour 2: Foresight Into 2021
– Crypto will blow up
– Trends of 2020 will amplify in 2021 b/c of Aquarian energy
– Now the fringe becomes the center…if you’re normal, you’re out of luck
* We’re going X-Files folks!
– Positive aspects of Aquarian age
– True node Gemini…a true splitting
– Be mindful of your thoughts…easy to manifest what you don’t want
– Spooky 2
– In the chaos, we’ll be pushing ahead…don’t wait for things to slow down
– Relocation trend
* Astrocartography—stay away from Saturn or Jupiter lines
* Em and Masaki share their journeys
– Transformation
– Masaki’s view of 2021 from numerology perspective

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