22 Rise & Shine Links

It’s Time to Wake Up !

a plane truth 4 u

aplanetruth4u – YouTube

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Alfred Lambremont Webre – YouTube

Amazing Polly 

Amazing Polly – YouTube


chick – YouTube

Dan Lutz 

Dan Lutz – YouTube

David Vose

David Vose – YouTube

David Whitehead 

David Whitehead – YouTube

Steven Denoon 

DeNoon – Israeli News Live – YouTube

Doreen Dotan 

Doreen Dotan – YouTube

Gary Larrabee 

gary larrabee – YouTube

George Galloway 

George Galloway – YouTube

Greg Hunter 

Greg Hunter – YouTube

Jeff Rense 

Jeff Rense – YouTube

Karen Hudes 

Karen Hudes – YouTube

Keiser Report 

Keiser Report: All That Was Hidden is Being Revealed (E1474) – YouTube

Leak Project 

Leak Project – YouTube


Lionel Nation – YouTube

Lisa Haven 

Lisa Haven – YouTube

lisa m harrison 

lisamharrison – YouTube

Mark Dice 

Mark Dice – YouTube

Martin Liedtke

Martin Liedtke – YouTube

Martin Liedke – FEB

Martin Liedtke FEB – YouTube

Miles Johnston

Miles Johnston – YouTube

Mr Astrotheology

Mr Astrotheology – YouTube

Paradox Man

paradoxman316 – YouTube

Project Camelot

Project Camelot – YouTube

Rachel Reenstra

Rachel Reenstra – YouTube

Really Graceful

really graceful – YouTube

Removing the Shackles

Removing the Shackles – YouTube

Richie Allen

Richie Allen – YouTube

Shechai Yah – Emily Windsor Cragg

Shechai Yah – YouTube

Steel Truth

Steel Truth – YouTube

Tim Pool

Timcast – YouTube

Yellow Rose For Texas

Yellow Rose for Texas – YouTube


Yellow Rose for Texas Videos

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