China is NOT your ‘enemy’

This page is dedicated to all people in the Western World who have been drinking the bullshit stories about China for as long as the Western Mainstream Media has been cranking them out … And for everyone who would just love to live in Tibet with no self determination OR equality of any sort under the Dalai Lama you imagine in your CIA implanted fantasy world …It’s also dedicated to all the Story Tellers who don’t want you to find out who built all those beautifual GHOST CITIES designed as replica’s of the West’s most famous ones … and who also don’t want you to follow the money, or the facts about who has taken over China for their next FEEDING GROUND … BRITAIN & THE USA & ALL THE OTHER EUROPEAN NATIONS with central banksters who will do anything to keep you confused and abused are THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE … It’s amazing to listen to half truths, lies & crap being spouted by men who have never been further East than Hawaii … regurgitating FACTS they pick and choose … No American who has ever lived in Asia or knows REAL HISTORY would ever say China is anything less than one of the greatest cultures and countries … with a much longer history than THE BANKRUPT CRIMINAL FAKE GOVERNMENT AKA USA !

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The lowest caste system in Tibet

The Corporation Who Trades Your Birth Certificate For Profit On The Wall Street Casino  is the enemy … But, don’t Tell Thomas or Betty that … it would spoil the entertaiment ! #WeLoveChina #WeLoveRussia #WeLoveTruth #WeLoveThomasAndBetty