Was Bobby Fischer A Conspiracy Nutcase … or …

Was he merely trying to wake a world that was about to be CHECK MATED up … ?

Quinn Michaels: What the Evidence Says


Lost and Found Bin Episode 19: Erasing the Mandela Effect Community?

“As a writer, I have noticed myself shifting every few seconds sometimes. I will literally write a specific word in a sentence, and when I go back to read it, it will have a letter or two added to make a different word. It has happened enough for me to start really paying attention to every word I am writing sometimes. And it still happens. For example: “one,” will be “once,” or “happen” will become “happened.” At first I thought it was me going too fast. But it isn’t that” – Carol

The Fifth Interview of Dr Neruda #wingmakers


Jason Luov is the author of the recently released John Dee and the Empire of Angels.

More globalist election rigging systems exposed

All aboard ! Buckle Up !

If you feel sea sick and you must …

… we have provided real BROWN PAPER bags

tucked neatly under every seat … we are not responsible

for heart attacks, strokes, fainting spells

brain tumors, hyperventilation … etc …

You agree to ride this roller coaster at your own risk !

If you shoot the messenger, the messenger will shoot back !

Red Titanic – White Rabbit (Dubstep Version)