Crimen Sollicitationas

“There is mounting evidence that The Roman Catholic Church leadership has allowed hideous sin and heresy to corrupt their Church from within. This morning I have read the “Crimen Sollicitationas” openly published since 1929 and included in the Vatican II Reforms.

This is nothing more or less than a policy to protect criminals and ordering members of the Church to keep silent.

The Office of Pontiff was vacated in 2011, together with the liquidation of the Romanus Pontifex Trust, but the end of the so-called “pontificate” does not in itself cleanse the Church of heresy and evil. That is a much more difficult process, which many faithful members of the clergy and local parish members have undertaken, despite the crushing pain of these revelations.

If my surmises are correct and Ba’al worship was allowed within The Roman Catholic Church as a “Secular Religion” in keeping with Roman practices at the time of the Council of Nicea— and that such “worship”has been part of the Pontificate ever since— this is a very entrenched, protected, and intricately interwoven “secret” which has served to undermine the mission and performance of the Church for seventeen centuries.

The structural proof exists that the Office of the Pontiff used the Church as a storefront to hide crimes of unimaginable proportions, and even went so far as to order church members to keep quiet about it on pain of Excommunication.

How would you like to be a sincere Catholic waking up to that reality?

So I have urged everyone of all the denominations to pray for the sincere Followers of Yashuah who are members of The Roman Catholic Church.

They need our prayers and support far more than ever now.

Share the fight with them and encourage them in their calling to cleanse their Church of this great evil once and for all —- and do not turn away from them because of the sins that have been perpetuated “in the name of” The Roman Catholic Church.

These are not the sins of Catholics, but are the sins of Satanists — Ba’al Worshipers embedded within the Church.

Today, there is credible news and evidence that the necessary cleansing process has begun in earnest.  Members of the Catholic Clergy from many countries have taken a stand and broken with the Code of Silence imposed by the “Crimen Sollicitationas”.

Please read their Declaration and remember the many good and earnest Believers who are members of The Roman Catholic Church in your hearts and in your prayers.
They face a most terrible conflict in this War of the Spirit. They followed through on their Declaration by providing a “massive” file of information to prosecutors at the ITCCS.”
– AnnaVonReitz – AnnaVonReitz.Com


A Legal and Moral Declaration and Pledge of Non-Cooperation issued by
Concerned Roman Catholic Clergy

Issued on Sunday, September 23, 2018
We are a group of clergy within the Roman Catholic Church who in good
conscience are unable to associate any longer with the criminal, anti-Christian
actions of the Vatican and the Papacy. We refer to the massive cover up of violent
crimes against children now being perpetrated as a matter of policy by the church
hierarchy: crimes in which every Catholic is expected to collude.
The growing exposure in the world media of a massive network in our church of
child trafficking, rape, torture and murder, and the direct implication of the Pope
and senior Cardinals and Bishops in this network, compels every one of us to
make a choice. For by our daily association with the Church of Rome we are
accomplices in its crimes, under both the laws of God and Man. No Papal statute
or command can justify or absolve such a criminal and sinful association. Whether
Pope or Priest, we must all face and answer to God for our actions, or our
inaction. And we must also answer to the Law.

Under the law, anyone – including ordained clergymen – can be tried and
convicted for harming a child or enabling or concealing those who do.
As Catholics, we are all therefore guilty and subject to prosecution according to
our own church policy known as Crimen Sollicitationas (1929), which requires
that we suppress evidence of child abuse in the church, not tell the police of such
abuse, and silence the victims. This policy refers to the rape of children as “a
pontifical secret” which, if disclosed, will result in the excommunication of any
honest Catholic who reports the crime! Such a bizarre and inhuman
statute constitutes a massive criminal conspiracy for which we are all liable for
arrest and prosecution.

For this reason, as moral beings and followers of Jesus Christ, we cannot any
longer adhere to the collusion and silence imposed on us by a criminal church
regime that places its own money and power ahead of the lives and safety of
children. For did not our Lord tell us,
“Whatever you do to the least of these my people, you do to me?”;
and “Whoever would cause one of these little ones to fall,
it would be better that a millstone be tied around his neck
and he be cast into the sea”?
Christ’s judgement on those who harm children is the same as ours.
Accordingly, as of this day, we publicly disassociate ourselves from any allegiance
to the leaders of the Church of Rome and from our vows of obedience to our
Bishops and to the Pope. We will not be subject any longer to
Crimen Sollicitationas and its requirement of collusion with the rape and murder of
children. Under the law of God and Man, we are obligated to always
protect children and prosecute their tormentors, not simply when it is expedient.
As a consequence, we pledge ourselves to the following faithful course of action:
1. We will actively uncover and report to our congregations, the police and the
media any violence or other crimes done against children within our parishes,
dioceses and communities, regardless of Church policy.
2. We will also uncover and report to our congregations, the police and the media
the names of anyone within the Church who harms a child or who aids and abets
such harm, and who conceals it, regardless of their rank or position within the
3. As ordained clergymen, we will refuse to give Holy Communion or any other
sacrament of the Church to anyone associated with such crimes. We will also
refuse to accept financial donations or tithings of such persons.
4. If ordered by our nominal superiors to collude with such crimes, or if we face
discipline or punishments for acting according to our consciences and the Law, we
will separate ourselves from those officials and continue to conduct our pastoral
and sacramental offices apart from the church hierarchy, within separate
congregations under the authority of Christ Alone.
5. We will actively reach out to all our brethren clergy and to all Roman Catholics
in our communities, and urge them to join us and take this same pledge of Non-
Cooperation and Witness against the anti-Christ regime that governs our Church.
Our faith is in God and not in Man. As God wills it, so it is done.
Signed and Published on this 23rd Day of September in the year 2018
by Ordained Clergymen of the Roman Catholic Church in America, Canada, Ireland,
England, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Italy

Please share this Declaration. It has been released to the global media. We invite
all clergy and adherents of our church to reflect on and endorse this statement.

You can contact us at