PoinTTalkers domain list update 7/4/2018

for more information contact

Bob Williams

C/O PoinTTalkers

po box 1122 OilCity Pa. 16301

USA last time we checked 😉 ( sometimes works )

814-758-2499 ( a text may get through )


first things first …

BU1LD.COM is the most valuable domain name

in this list


In 2017 the reserve price was not met

in 2018 we’re ditching the reserve price

and the first 50 mil ( usd ) takes it

this offer is open until

(Jan 1, 2019  anno domini timeline – the one

copyrighted by Pope Gregory

for the Vatican in 1582)


If you don’t publicly list your domains

you don’t really control them …

( so only a fool would pay a registrar

to put privacy on their real estate )


you won’t have to go through

3 middle men or climb Mt. Everst

to make a deal with us …


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