Each immigrant is worth BILLIONS?

“Each immigrant is worth BILLIONS in “naturalization” personage debt-money. Before getting into “naturalization Papers” we need to briefly cover “birth Certificates.”

The Sheppard–Towner Maternity Act (and subsequent acts) make Birth Certificates worth millions “debt-money” (with interest) as a “bank note” negotiable instruments.

If you doubt that Birth Certificates are Bank Notes, see my recorded audio from the telephone call with the California Department of Health – Vital Records where they say that Birth Certificates are Bank Notes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=250IquUWyZk

How Birth Certificates work is like this. The US is like a monopoly game. Federal Reserve Notes are Monopoly money. A US Birth Certificate is the creation of the monopoly game piece that represents you. A chunk of debt (worth millions + interest) is created for each game piece. US Statutes are the rules of the game.

Immigration is the re-creation of the game piece out of the home country in a new country.

Each Game Piece is a corporation that we are “doing business as”, however, the game/game-owner is the owner of all game pieces… put another. way, you do not own your game piece, they do. you only get have a game piece. oh, and attorneys are the only people allowed to “touch” your game piece. only attorneys can make game pieces do things and legitimately move, that is…. until you have a Power of Attorney on your game piece.

As an insurance franchise, the LEGAL PRESENCE game piece is/has a chunk of debt that represents the physical thing. So the creation of a birth certificate is the creation of large chunks of debt to represent as many aspects of the human as possible. All human rights are converted into a debt/benefit to represent it and “be able” to remove it! Rights cannot be “re”-presented and can only be operated in real time, not debated after/before the fact/exercise.


The US governmental corporation is flat broke. The easiest way to create LARGE chunks of debt quickly is to do mass immigration. Mass Immigration allows the US treasury to underwrite (with lots of NEW debt-money) all work/property that each immigrate can be, pre-paid.

Each new immigrate, through their immigration negotiable instruments/US identity, US legal presence, is worth millions, if not billions, of dollars in new debt-money.

Republicans are anti-immigrant, however, Republicans have realized that immigration means more funding for the US Government through INCORPORATE “PERSON” FRANCHISES. Hence they seemingly disregard their pro-national positions regarding immigration for they pro-business-of-government knowledge that they are broke.

Ds and Rs frame their views through publicly acceptable perspectives like human rights, or children, when in actuality, the Government PROFITS from immigrating each illegal immigrant, each child. The United States is operating an economic slavery plantation on behalf of the United Nations, and the more slaves the better.

The goals of the rogue fascist bankrupt illegitimate UN-US Governmental Corporation are at direct odds with the NEEDS of humanity. Either the parasitical US gov’t kills it’s humanity host, or we stop the parasitical governmental corporations. The corporations are literally destroying Earths ecosystems. We won’t have a planet left to live on if we allow the corporations to continue raping Earth and our basic human rights.”