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Elite’s Best Kept Secret – the FBCAN, SERCO, SES & Root Keys – Wagering on Tragedies (Video)




And how SERCO, ARINC, APIS, Excstar, SITA, Federal PKI, the SES and Root Keys tied into it.

Compilation by Jason Q Janiszewski (Additional commenters are in italics)

The Main reason why I had to start with the FBCAN is because it was developed so that Blackmailers could track users, Pedophiles and Victims with a Specific Facial recognition software. It’s called Demon Face Recognition Software. It was Developed in 1978 when a company named Starnet Communications in Vancouver, Canada and one of the first SES (Senior Executive Service) members……Stephen Paddock, yes….same one…. so they could track all these people that were to be blackmailed on a system called Oath Inc. (See resource links at end of article) to have them available for long range logistics for Murder for Hire schemes.

This will probably take me til sunrise to get out. But the 17th anniversary of the largest live snuff film ever recorded deserves it. The truth.

There are 2 Brothers in the UK named Nicholas and Rupert Soames. They are Winston Churchill’s grandsons. They were in charge of SERCO…. that is one of the largest corporations that you probably have never heard of. They had to find a way to blackmail members of the US Government to maintain some control on their golden goose so they went right to the head of the SES, Kristine Marcy.

KM:  Is this the Kristine Marcy (Sister of Abel Danger?)

KMS:  Kristine Marcy is Patriot Abel Dangers sister.   For those who don’t yet know: Abel Danger hosts a global network dedicated to uncovering treasonous acts against humanity.

They used a pedophile oath ritual known as “Mendenhall’s baby” to lure her and other higher up pedophiles in and they filmed them using the Demon Face Recognition Software so that whenever SERCO decided to launch what’s known as a ‘Red Team’ against the US, that they would give the US Military and officials the order to Stand Down.
Remember when Q was going on about RED RED……remember one of them above.

Now what these teams consisted of were the worst of the worst. Mercenaries….SuperMax Prisoners…. anyone that is ruthless to be on a big hit squad

SERCO controls a lot of US Interests.
One for instance is the US Passport and Visa Office. This is how they are able to get perfectly illegal ‘legal’ visas for anyone willing to commit crimes against Americans on foreign and domestic soil. Kristine Marcy, being the head of the SES, had control of the prisoners at the SuperMax Prisons. So anyone and everyone was in play.
SERCO issued these visas to these Con-Air Swat teams that had embedded themselves in the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency so they could execute asymmetrical missions. Terrorism. For short

DW:  SERCO also owns obama care

CW:  Kristine Marcy is Abel Danger’s sister. He hasn’t talked to her in years and he’s a patriot trying to help POTUS.

RA:  He said she surrendered months ago

TB:  I listen to all of his videos. He talks of his sister, and how evil she is. Thank you for making this connection.

TG:  AD is now known as Bell Sheep Ministries. Field had some issues with David. So, they parted ways for now, per Field.

They were the ONLY ones to ever mention the FBCAN. And once you go down that rabbit hole. You gone
Another US Interest that SERCO has control of is the US Patent and Trademark Office. In the previous 9/11 post, i had posted some patents and just by typing in the patent number in a search engine…the patent appears….what’s one thing that everyone has been so curious about?
Servers right?
Oh I know what’s on ’em. And now you do too.

LZG:  And who was on the Committee of Intellectual Property during Obama 2013-2016 tenure: RON DE SANTIS…the brilliant Yale, Harvey and Navy TRAITOR… currently favored to win the Florida Governorahip… The more you know…. Think Floridians….THINK!!

Yale should be the tell tale. That’s 322 territory

MDL: Isn’t Prince William involved in SERCO, Jason?

He currently owns them

But there’s no sense in Owning SERCO when you aren’t in any power. Trump looked SOOOOOO Good in Churchill’s Chair didn’t he???? Lmao

But we own them. To hell with the Crown

KM: Is this the same system that they use for betting on the manufactures storms too?

Yes #4 is what I’m gonna explain and show you how it works

JFC:  This is what Field McConnell (Abel Danger) and his British/Canadian friend have been saying for months/years.. they want to do a theater 🎭 production on it.. on the radio to wake ppl up..

LZG: Is this why CRYPTO currency is being pushed?

It’s actually because Obama took a template of a 100 dollar bill and had 3 TRILLION dollars printed. In Bangkok Thailand. Centennial Energy. But our new money should be done by the 18th. They have been working on it 24/7

KFC: Was noticing the changes a few weeks ago. Took a pic

KFC: Half new money half old?

Once the switch happens. You tear the left side off. That’s the bad side

They seriously love using confusing verbiage for anyone else looking into this…..

Image may contain: text

JFC: Does this also tie into Las Vegas? Were they wagering there also?

They have Junket Rooms in Vegas. Well. Had

No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: text

Whoops! What do we have here?
Server? Ill finish posting the rest of the patent now and then explain the patent

Image may contain: text

Image may contain: text

No automatic alt text available.

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No automatic alt text available.

So this Patent has been around since 1979

No automatic alt text available.

LKH: 2 days before the event

A poker tournament…. with multiple servers being used……

The beauty part is that you get to see diagrams as well on these. Now on the left hand side, bottom pic…..looks like a radio. Or a Camera.

KW: Those bastards placed bets on deaths, jumpers, time of impact, time of destruction??? Didn’t they??? I bet they also watch kids being tormented and bet on that shit too!!!

Couldn’t be any more spot on. And it gets worse

The Camera is used exclusively to give an accurate time of death for the target and also there are “High Value Targets” as well.
There’s a lot of info. Not gonna lie

If anyone needs the link again that has patents, definitions etc.. here it is. Definitely save it to fb. It’s a nice research point

If there’s that much betting on the time of death….you would think they need a base clock to go off of. They used the National Physical Laboratory Clock to base all the times of death to keep it “clean”
To pull off this kind of betting…it has to be pretty secretive. They devised these Betting areas as ‘Junket Rooms’ These were mainly promoted by the CAI Equity Group that was run by the late General Alexander Haim and the late Brigadier General James Ritchie.
Ritchie was a member of Bohemian Grove and an ex Executive at the Mirage resorts so he knew his way around the betting world.

Now when it came to the high value Targets, SERCO would use the US Defense Red Switch Network to alert guests in the elite hotels and Casinos (Even at their homes when it came to the Rothschilds) once they get this notification, they are given the opportunity to put in their real time bets on the time that the high value target will be killed or if available they could predict body counts in real time mass causality events.
And yes I do have some names of High Value Targets that I’ll post later. 90% of people will be pretty irritated by one name in general.

Notice. Another Red. Keep tabs

Now in order to be accepted into these Junket Rooms, you first have to go thru a series of initiation tests and if you pass those, your facial features are captured because now, there’s no way out. Your facial features are taken while performing sexual deviant acts (mostly pedo) and they save it in order to add your face onto a virtual likeness of you and have you committing even more heinous crimes.

SERCO was literally running a live Death Pool online for all the Junket Rooms in 69 countries

During GHWB’s term in office, he noticed his Drug trafficking partner, Bill Clinton, was catching on a lot faster than expected so he only had to serve one term. They had lots of planing to get done. So post Bush Sr, Clinton was placed in as POTUS ( yeah. We never had a choice) and it worked great because with Hillary in the White House, it gave the Chicago Mob another leg up into the game. Her dad, Hugh Rodham, ran the chicago mob after Capone went to Prison. These rats are all over

So Clinton was put in office to get the Child trafficking more profitable and there were other plans he had so that once his 8 years were done, then GWB could come in and finish the Snitch Saddam Hussein off finally for his pappy
Clinton and Bush Sr……BIG into Trafficking kids and drugs

See Saddam had a secret about Sr. He knew about the child trafficking and that they were keeping the kids in Iran. When he found out, he wanted a cut to stay quiet. Sr was way too greedy and instead took our troops over there to try to overthrow him. Didn’t work this time.

In 1993, Wilbur Ross (Greek Life Associate and current Commerce Secretary under Trump) got a few buddies together and financed the creation of the Federal Bridge Certification Authority Network. Now at the time, Ross was a Rothschild Banker. He’s the one that bailed Trump out in 1989 by being the only one that would loan him the 1.5 Billion dollars he needed in order to stay afloat. If he didn’t… he would never become POTUS. He knew that. He had to make a deal with the devil but also make sure that Karma played out and he helped Ross as well. Everything has to be in a complete harmonious circle.

Funny thing about the Greek Life Associates is that its a much better term than what they are REALLY known as.
322. Skull and Bones.

Ross and his friends financed the creation of the FBCAN so that aides to Senator Obama could hack into the US Defense Red Switch Network and allow SERCO to stand down US military response to “Man in the middle” attacks on the US National Command Authority. ALSO Ross and the 322 offer RICO investment banking services to SERCO

SERCO is the UK outsourcer of all the attacks. They had a BIGGER plan for the FBCAN. They began an internal Blackmail system where companies (Lockheed Martin for example) will “employ higher people in power in Government” pay them and they will find out shortly that they are owned. By creating the FBCAN…..they literally created the LARGEST Pedophile Blackmail network EVER

MC: Comey worked for Lockheed Martin.

They seem to all take a turn with Lockheed. It’s the main blackmail corporation

Because who also did they have added to the FBCAN? The UK Ministry of Defense. Which by the way is another name for “Churchill’s Toyshop” that had Rupert as the CEO and he was the former CEP of Mysis Banking and Securities Division.
Nicholas was the former Minister of State for the UK Armed Forces from 1994-1997

The Soames Bros. Established an online register for
“Churchill’s Toyshop” at the offices of Northern Trust (which is SERCO’s alien property custodian in Chicago) where the insiders of the SES ( Marcy) can identify published patents or submarine devices needed by these privately financed Con-Air Swat Teams to execute their missions

So they transferred the custody of the Toyshop (which also goes back to WW2 They were the UK Weapon Research and development organization) onto the FBCAN so that key holders with access to Boeing’s ‘Encryption for asymmetric Data Lines’ Patent ,that was actually developed by a former Boeing Phantom Works director and current SERCO Director Dr. Pamela Drew, to conceal warfare attacks on the US or its Allies. They would even use it on their innocent enemies. The UK is THAT dirty!

One of the real main reasons for the transfer was that SERCO could threaten targets in the US for terrorism such as Trump Tower, or even transportation systems. The Brothers have been deploying pedophile and other criminal groups with the Con-Air Prisoner tracking patent activated to extort and blackmail Trump and the French President Macron(who was a Rothschild banker himself).

On those mystical Servers of Hillary’s, there was some software loaded on in order to have home based access to the JABS (Joint Automated Booking System) so that she could deploy Con-Air Swat teams herself in a robe and slippers

In October of 1996, some DOJ insiders along with the SES began a program to “Reinvent Government”. What they did was they would sell Root Key access to the FBCAN and JABS to Clinton Donors(Including convicted felon Charles Kushner) Citibank, Saudi Arabia so that they could conceal their acts of Murder For Hire

Welcome to Pay to Play. Clinton Foundation Style.

SERCO embedded Virtual Command Centers in the Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team (DMORT) and FBI Law Enforcement Online Networks to direct Patentee Swat teams at Mass causality events with the Tencent patent “Instant Messaging [IM] System and Method” and it allowed all Clinton Foundation Pay to Play donors to bet on the body counts using the Howard Lutnicks “Real Time wagering on Event Outcomes” patent.
As they saw it….you pay us… can bet on others losing their lives by our own choice of mass causality event.

SES and Con-Air embedded the same 2 patents as above, in the Boeing flight management system which allowed CF donors and Skull and Bones to bet on the body counts and or times of High Value target deaths during 9/11. Not only did they do that but the SES and Dr. Drew equipped Skull and bones Clinton and Ross, the keys to the ConAir patent vault on the FBCAN gaining them even MORE access to betting and getting others to wager as well.

In 1996-7, Chip Bernan with the USN wrote the Global Guardian War Game of September 10-12,2001 as a simulation on HIS end because he thought he was helping out by better defending the country by showing different ways and weaknesses that can be exposed. Well once it was done….he ended up becoming a High Value target and was killed.

In 1998, SERCO Shareholders (the UK and Saudi Arabian Governments) gave Generals Haig and Shalikashivili the keys to the FBCAN and Red Switch Networks and ordered them to prepare Boeing’s HQ in Chicago for the Stand Down of 9/11.
(Makes me sick because I was working down the street)

SERCO patentee Swat Teams used images of the Jon Benet Ramsey murder in 1996 to extort the former director of Lockheed Martin, Lynne Cheney (Dick’s wife) into transferring digital custody of various patented devices including Lockheed Martin’s “Rocket Boosted Guided hard Target Penetrator” to be used in the drones that would hit WTC Tower’s 1 and 2 and ignite explosives on board after target penetration. Both drones were loaded with explosives.

There was also a Bunker Buster in the drone that hit tower 1 on the North face

SK: Lynn Cheney was also in the Pentagon bunker with her husband, Dick. Usually the position Dick was Manning was held by military personnel. Dick changed that a few months earlier and became the first civilian to hold that position.

JMA: So you’re saying Dick and Lynne Cheney were the ones that murdered Jon Benet Ramsey?

Lynne Cheney wrote the note. The rest will be in a drop

Now that they were getting it all lined up to go down on Sept 11th because NESARA was going to take effect and there were going to be mass arrests and what we will be celebrating shortly….was to happen back then.

AS:  I was NESARA Take Action Team Leader for my State. Sept. 11th was a Tuesday. On Sunday afternoon, my friend called me to say they were re-voting on NESARA ~ we were being told that they had to re-vote each year and we needed to Call Congress. After she gave me the reminder, a mechanical very loud screeching sound came through the phone lines. It lasted a minute. I waited it out and she was still there. She first said it was her DLS computer line and then she said, “I guess they don’t want us to call Congress.” I turned my TV off FOREVER after I watched the Towers that morning.

Now that the prepping is taking shape, they are gonna start getting the Junket Rooms ready and get everyone involved in it

Kristine Marcy of the SES used Stephen Paddock to promote Junket Rooms for the FBCAN which would allow CAI group w/David Johnson(Patron of SOS Canada) and General Haig to stage the first ever live broadcast of a mass snuff film in human history on 9/11

All of the Junket Rooms were betting on the outcome of a war game designed to decapitate America thru a SES coup d’etats.


No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: text

General Haig used the Red Switch and the FBCAN to order SERCO swat teams that were all assembled in the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel by the former DoD contract auditor and Junket Promoter Stephen Paddock, to hack the 67th cyberspace wing on 9/11…initiate decoy and drone maneuvers during a Red team Wargame attack on the Pentagon’s US Navy Command Center and Identify the bettor entitled to “Scoop the Pot” after Captain DeConto was shown to have died by the impact images which were dated and time stamped September 12,2001. 17:37:19

SERCO uses Buck Revelli’s version of facial recognition called Imagis to track actors and victims thru the FBCAN because even though the Clinton insiders write the Con-Air Swat team scripts that SERCO controls special weapons thru the US Patent and Trademark Office. Serco Controls the US.


General Haig equipped Chinese junket investors and Greek Life Clinton and Ross with Law Enforcement Online Virtual Command canters so they could deploy swat teams wit nortel JABS to trigger 9/11 bets on body counts for target entities such as FDNY (343 died) and “drift” the money into private accounts thru “Coordinated rebalancing by money manager portfolio management system and a master overlay manager portfolio management system “
US Patent 7729969B1

Now when it comes to “What happened to the planes”.
The 4 Boeing planes were all equipped with an Uninterruptible Auto Pilot switch that was manufactured by GE

What this does is it takes the controls out of the pilots hands once the auto pilot switch is activated. They made it in case a plane had no one to land it that it could be Controlled from the ground. Seems like it worked these 4 times perfectly.

The CEO of GE was Jeffrey Immelt. Not only was Larry Silverstein worried about himself…. but Immelt took out a corporate life insurance policy in case he didn’t live past 9/12/2001.
Winner winner treason dinner. He made it. In fact he has the LARGEST corporate paid out life insurance policy for a single person EVER. $274 MILLION…. Cash.

The 4 planes were all navigated up into Northern Canadian Airspace and were shot down

A cruise missile hit the Pentagon. I know. I was soooooo shocked as well.

See General Haig was also working with NATO. Does ANYONE wanna guess what he bought?

He had 18 AMRAAM’s just kinda “appear”

He technically didn’t BUY them

They are the same exact missiles that we used to take out the Trident II that was launched out of Washington State not so long ago

AP: Skunk island – around the time of NK summit

Image may contain: sky

Bingo! Fox Three ordered. And 💥. Trump 1. Deep State 0

AP: Actually this is after the Hawaii missile so add another point to team trump

Oh and the Man in the Middle Of 9/11 ……
The UK ministry of defense. It’s actually quite coincidental that the World Bank would be located in the WTC and on 9/12/2001…’s opened right back in London.

The Brits as far as people I’m good with. The Royals. They can all go eat a cold blooded member

Even Trudy. But he’s gonna be dealt with shortly.

Oh and speaking of getting dealt with. When everyone is all about doom and gloom. When I saw GE taken out of the Dow Jones and replaced with Walgreens…… I knew something was up. Then that takes us back to the Q post where they have the United Flight and Gina Haspel is in the front seat. Wintertime.


With him committing crimes against humanity as listed in the EO, ALL his shit is now ours. Trump will have the Omnibus paid back 500 times over.

They planted mini Nukes in the elevator shaft. Both towers HAD to fall in order for their Satanic Zionist bullshit to work. They did the same to us in WW2. We agreed. One bomb. That’s it. They sent 2.

TK: “The 4 planes were all navigated up into Northern Canadian Airspace and were shot down.”. Why were there reports on Cincinnati Radio that two of the planes …. the real flights 175 and 11, landed and offloaded at back hangars?

THAT would be a really good question right there. 2 of my sources said the same thing. Wonder if that was the “shut the f*%k up about the planes” message.
Where’s Operation Mockingbird when ya need em.

TK:  The Airport was shut down for hours …

JDB:  Rebekah Roth claims in her book 4 of her Methodical series, the reader learns that the planes did leave the airports but they were flown to an old base in Mass. She claims they did not use planes at the towers, Pentagon or Shanksville. Her new book is just coming out so I have not read it yet. While she is a controversial person, herself, she offers up a perspective from a flight attendant saying none of the protocols were used that day, drawing a red flag to many details. She is in possession of over a terrabyte of FOIA data and many people with expertise in aviation have joined her in researching and putting together what did happen. You may want to check her out and see what you can learn. She has you tube channels and a FB page. Her first book was called Methodical Illusion… and all subsequent books have been Methodical something or other… She is interesting and will give you more pieces of the puzzle, however, it’s hard to know these days who is info and who is disinfo… so use your best judgement. Let us know what you think if you check her info out. She also has some older interviews out there that give a ton of facts about 911 and who was behind it,… it’s all fascinating stuff.

It takes us RIGHT back to the game. Symbolism.
2 columns of smoke is a Satanic Zionist Masonic symbol of the 2 columns in the 3rd temple they want to build in which to crown their “King Of the World”.

It’s Lucifer.

And it wouldn’t be a decent post without more goodies


THERES the Israeli/Mossad/Nazi connection. The Dancing Israelis.

DG: Israeli nukes to trigger Fukushima, Israeli nukes installed as ‘security cameras’ the week before, to blow the reactors.

France actually pulled off Fukushima! All my years growing up…. their national flag was just solid white. NOW they gotta start shit.

But Israel probably brought their Prick of the decade Bibi and let him get his rocks off one last time

DG:  I’ll see if I can find it, a guy got the repair logs from the reactors showing the 2-ton ‘security cameras’ being installed, by an Israeli ‘security firm’ which happens to have an address in the same industrial park where Israel manufactures nukes.  The ‘security cameras’ look exactly like the projectile-triggered micro nukes the company next-door to the ‘security company’ manufactures.  The same place the stuxnet worm originates, which was used to take the reactor safety-systems offline prior to detonating the nukes.  They used the stuxnet to make sure they got full meltdown.



Rome never fell. It moved is all. Israel being Gods chosen ones. WRONG.
In Israel’s case…. God is in fact an Acronym.
For Greenland Of Denmark. Home of the Greco Roman Empire AND the Black Pope

~~~Random comments and tags by others~~~

This is where it hit a HUGE nerve with me. The one High Value Target that i mentioned earlier that would piss many off

Pat Tillman.
They thought that it was cute to bet on killing our Hero and it wouldn’t get back to us.
Wrong thought process assholes.

Now we are gonna get into some good stuff
If I didn’t go back and explain the backstory about the FBCAN and notice that when Q mentions BRIDGE_1 and BRIDGE_2…..why this would seriously make every bell and whistle go off.

SERCO had a board meeting on 9/11 on the 47th floor first thing in the morning. One of the American CEO’s was Chris Hyman. He had breakfast at the top of WTC 1 real early and went down to the 47th floor for the meeting. He addressed the shareholders ( which was a Saudi Sheik, reps from the US and UK Teachers Pension Fund and others). Once he was done addressing them. He got back in the elevator…..the only people that lived were the ones in his elevator car…..

There were also Agents for Northern Trust present. Nothing like eating your own….

So if they are all dead….and you know WHO was there and what shares they owned….you just pulled off an even BIGGER Dick move

Because after that….they used a Patent made by Renaissance Technologies called “System and Method for Executing Synchronized Trades in Multiple Exchanges”. US patent 20160035027A1
They were pulling off a MASSIVE High Frequency insider Trading scam all while people were jumping to their death.

DG:  Software written by this guy’s dad figured out how to track the trading. The one on the left

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text

Before the planes even hit…..the War Game was given a green light by the UK Ministry of Defence to Serco shareholders and good ole Wilbur Ross to give the Stand Down Order to Rudy Giuliani aides and his office of Emergency Management in WTC 7 and allow the Red Team to engage in attacks to get the ball rolling.

NM: so why is Giuliani on Team Trump?

Giuliani and Trump OWNED New York. There aren’t 2 men that loved that city more. Well wait. The 3rd one is making a special comeback. His aides all most likely had guns at their heads. When i heard that Rudy was meeting with Mueller…..

One of Rudy’s best buddies, John O’Neill just started working at WTC 7 as the Security head a few days prior. Now if you go back and read the SES Con Air Prisoner Tracking Patent… are going to see why an earlier meeting of these 2 REALLY was HUGE
Bob Mueller Coordinated the swat team attacks on WTC 7 and they made John O’Neill a High Value Target. Nothing like killing your buddy to just get the blood boiling.

Now the Churchill’s Toyshop actually has one place in the US they do their Biological testing in for nerve gas agents. It’s in Chicago. At Northwestern University.
How do I know…..

I was on the job……


KS: What is that Jason?

Those are floor headers. Crane brings em in. Toss a few bolts in it. Cut it loose and detail gang stuffs the rest and impacts and wash, lather, repeat.

From a couple years ago. They built a Brand new facility. NOW it makes sense why the Iron was so massive.
The Matrix came out in 1999. Look at the date on Neo’s passport…..cant even make this shit up anymore

NKW: Who is that?

That’s Keanu Reeves’s character in the Matrix. PLEASE tell me you have seen them.
When people realize HOW BIG this truly is and was….and what we finally receive for the big Win…… most wont believe me. But that’s ok. Future proves past. But we are about to make the change for ALL Human Kind

No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.  


NM: statue of liberty: we’ll take your poor etc…

She wasn’t given to us by the Satanic Illuminati. We were actually gifted her by the Gnostic Illuminati. The Light beings

Her name is Goddess LuSophia Gaia Saraswati Amunet. In case it EVER comes up in a trivia night

Remember. We have been fed lies our whole lives

No automatic alt text available.  

GHWB made 1 Trillion dollars off betting on 9/11.

Obama and his Kenyan kickstand Michelle are both involved in 9/11 as well. They were both working for Sidney Austin….a law firm in NYC.

Warren Buffet is 100% linked to 9/11. He was in a bunker in Nebraska with 300 Goldman Sachs bankers on 9/11. Doesn’t sound like a sleepover or anything.

Dick Cheney was the mastermind behind it all


Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, text

There are well over 100 people directly tied to 9/11. Then you have Governments, Banks, the Mossad. It was literally “Whoever wanted to get a free shot in to destroying America…the line forms to the Right.”
People complained about the omnibus bill. He’s already paid that back and working on a nice kitty that he will most likely give to the families.
That’s full circle.


This post will be an addition to the 9/11 post, but will be explaining that the whole FBCAN (Federal Bridge Certification Authority Network) consists of and what every branch out actually means. Ill be starting at the Magenta position first and go clockwise from there. Ill be adding articles of what it all means as well for the intention of saving onto your own devices and to archive offline

First is the center….the Federal Bridge Certification Authority Network ( BRIDGE_1) and where it branches off first is the CertiPath Bridge (BRDGE_2)

No automatic alt text available.

From the CertiPath Bridge we start at the top at CertiPath Root. This would be a Root key accessible point where if you had the Root Key…you could be technically undetectable.

Image may contain: text

Image may contain: text

Image may contain: text

Image may contain: text

Instead my me transcribing all of this out, its just way easier to just keep it for your personal reference point when needing certain definitions.

This pertains to EVERYTHING from now on….not just 9/11.

Symantec = CertiPath Root

Now we go to ARINC (Which stands for Aeronautical Radio,Incorporated). It was established in 1929and is a major provider of transport communications and systems engineering solutions for 8 industries
– Aviation

They also have installed data network in Police cars and Railroad cars and also maintains the standards for Line-Replaceable Units

A Line Replaceable Unit is a modular component of an airplane, ship or spacecraft. There is plenty more on this so please do look up what a line replaceable unit entails using duck duck go or google (yuck). The reason why I’m just using the shorter version is because if you followed along, something might have really stuck out at you.

This is where it gets pretty sneaky. 1929. What else was created in 1929?

RCAGB1929. The patent that was created by David Sonoff. Now when Line replaceable Unit was is mentioned….its amusing to see that its a modular component on a “Ship”.

Ships such as the…
Mount Temple and the Titanic kind of ships….

Here’s the History of ARINC

No automatic alt text available.  No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.  No automatic alt text available.

NOW here’s where the little gem was found

Image may contain: text

The Advanced Passenger Information System.

No automatic alt text available.  No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.  Image may contain: text

Now if you notice what i found under See Also….Automated Targeting System…whatever could that be????

No automatic alt text available.

Think about this….they consider where you sat on the flight and what you ordered for a meal as “mundane details”

No automatic alt text available.  No automatic alt text available.

Now I do mind everyone….THIS is what the Clintons, Wilbur Ross and the Greek Life Associates funded.

Would you love to know who the Greek Life Associates REALLY ARE???????

They are known as the 322…….or better yet….Skull and Bones. Yale’s finest Secret Society. This ALL ties together.

So when its mentioned about the Greek life associates in the many upon many following posts dealing with SERCO, remember this…..Greek Life Associates= Skull and Bones…

Immediately next to that is Excstar.

No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.

Now I mind you. In the first sentence of the second page… it clearly states that the Smart Cards are used by the US Federal Government

But yet its all created in Canada…..which is another name for the United Kingdom. Remember. UK does technically own Canada.

Next up is SITA.

Image may contain: text

Guess where they are based out of???????
For being such a “Neutral” country…they sure do have their hands in all the shit don’t they????

No automatic alt text available.

EACS is an acronym for Enterprise Access Control System. There is a great deal under this so at your leisure, check it out. But its not a make or break deal.

Now from Chosen Security to Raytheon…..those are the big dogs that are basically either killing us or Blackmailing others to have us dead.

Wells Fargo has its own branch off because it does not require to go thru the CertiPath Bridge. Just a straight shot.

Now here’s the funny one. State of Illinois. Now why would they be singled out?

Probably the same reason why the Chicago Mob is also on the Q map

After Capone was thrown in the Federal Pen for Tax evasion…..who do you think took over for him????

Would the name Hugh Rodham ring any bells???

Now we are really starting to put the pieces together to see how the rise of HRC AND Barrie all came about. It was all funneled right thru the State of Illinois.

Now we see why she was always crying about it being “Her turn” and how convenient that Rahm Emanuel ended up becoming the Mayor….even though him AND his Father both have Mossad ties

When people say that Chicago is corrupt……you have no idea the depth. But you will.

Here’s where its gonna get a bit messy. Common Policy Root key system.

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Here’s a graph and then I split it in 2 so you can see it better

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Now if you notice…in the green boxes it says “BioPharma”.

Seriously. These Root Keys….they are MASSIVE. Not only can you navigate thru banks, treasure troves of secret documents and top secret drawings….but NOW you have the Pharmaceutical and Biological side of this as well

Best part about this….. is that they actually have a place where you can leave your complaints.

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Anyone wanna take a stab at where all of their info is heading???????

For it to take so long in some aspects….is it not out of the realm that CHINA could have been handed a server by HRC and a hefty “donation” could have been made to the “Clinton Foundation”?

The possibilities are endless. But there’s a lot more to that later under “Pay to Play”

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No automatic alt text available.Here’s more that I found. I know there are some WAY smarter people on here that deal with this on a daily basis so PLEASE if I’m incorrect in any way, we could use all the help in this…

THE END OF THIS THREAD…. But be on lookout for next post….


Below is from FBCAN Website

Certification Authorities

A certification authority is a system that issues digital certificates. These digital certificates are based on cryptography and follow the X.509 standards defined for information security.
The Federal PKI (FPKI) is a network of hundreds of certification authorities (CAs) that are either root, intermediate, or issuing CAs.
Any CA in the FPKI may be referred to as a Federal PKI CA. The three highest level CAs in the FPKI hierarchy are the FPKI Trust Infrastructure CAs, which are operated and managed by the Federal PKI Management Authority (FPKIMA) Program Office:

The FCPCA serves as the root and trust anchor for the intermediate and issuing CAs operated by:
Federal Government Executive Branch Agencies
State, Local, Tribal, Territorial, and International Governments
Commercial Partners

What is the Federal PKI?

The Federal PKI is a network of hundreds of certification authorities (CAs) that issue:

  • PIV credentials and person identity certificates
  • PIV-Interoperable credentials and person identity certificates
  • Other person identity certificates
  • Enterprise device identity certificates

What is an example?

We explain the PIV certificates as a simple example. Although we have many other types of identity certificates, it’s easiest to explain with PIV since you might have one:

  1. Federal Common Certificate Policy is the certificate policy for the Federal Root Certification Authority.
  2. Federal Bridge Certificate Policy is the certificate policy for the Federal Bridge Certification Authority.

Heard about HRC and the Duplicate ROOT KEYS????


Jason Q Janiszewski

FBCAN website

Oath, Inc

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Wikipedia – Oath Inc.

Able Danger



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