Lanky Witches

Hebrew Gematria: Values from 1 – 99

by Bill Heidrick – bill heidrick .com

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Lanky Witches =

lanky witches in Jewish Gematria equals: 1586

lanky witches in English Gematria equals: 900

lanky witches in Simple Gematria equals: 150

Lying Politicians And Words

1586 – Jewish Gematria / 900 – English Gematria / 150 – Simple Gematria ( select from a list of equivalents to inflate your spuerstitous ego – that was easy ! toooooo much fun ! )

857 = Nothing Left To Burn – The United States – Heaven And Hell – Hot Cross Bunnies?  Gematria Calculator? GEMATRIX .ORG

Brotherhood of Man – Pierre Sabak

The council of man examines the secret gnostic teachings of the mysteries. In particular it analyses a strand of knowledge independent of the angelic lineage, originating from the bloodline of man. This gnosis appertains to the very mind of God himself and is demonstrated through sacred geometry and mathematical symbols.  Unslavedmedia

The Adar Lamb and the Keyholder

Excerpts from the Murder of Reality, Pierre Sabak – Part 7

Jordan Maxwell with Kurt Kallenbach: We Are Owned By The Use Of Words – TM [MIRRORED


The word you have not spoken is your slave. The word you have spoken is your master. – Arab Proverb

Language L-I-N-K-S

 Lanky = The opposite of robust.  Witches = come in all shapes and sizes, and have their own version of the word ‘magic’.  Languages .Com = already registerd.  Mirror Mirror On My Humble Wall… What’s The Next Best Language Domain Of Them All …. Lanky Witches .Com ? OK ! We’d like to order a smart broom that can scrape the web for the best Language Links … It doesn’t matter if it doubles as a flame thrower  or how high it can fly … Can it read and write in 6,000 languages …

What on Earth Happened to the Phoenicians?

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