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All BAR Members are foreign agents of the Crown which is a corporation domiciled in the City of London which is owned and operated by the Vatican. The founding fathers tried to eliminate BAR members from American government but failed.

This video documents many of their crimes.

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You know something isn’t quite ‘right’ when an EXPERT who’s been researching a ‘subject’ for 30 years excpect half awake students in a New World Matrix to understand everything in a year … oh, and remember, if you make any mistakes with those words or paper work … don’t blame EXPERT … and don’t blame the paper work … and don’t blame WHO ?

Why So MUCH Confusion?

By Anna Von Reitz


I have said this simply and repeated it often:

The only kind of “State” a “US Citizen” can form is a Confederate State. All Confederate States are infact Commercial Corporations that operate as States of States.

So when you have “US Citizens” running around forming “State” Assemblies, this actually and factually means that they are forming “State of State” Assemblies–and new commercial corporations.

And what does such a new “State of State” compete with? —The established State of State organizations.

This is why the Federales rightly consider such US Persons to be in “insurrection” against their States of States.

There is no way to create a new Territorial State of State or Municipal STATE OF STATE without being in competition against the ones that exist already.

Likewise, US Citizens can’t reconstruct the missing Federal States of States. Why not?

Because only the actual States can recharter those organizations.  That is our job.

The actual States are the employers of the States of States, so not only are the States of States not threatened by the return of their employers, they have nothing to say about their employer’s peaceable process of Assembly, which is guaranteed under the Constitution to the States and the People.

But in order to be owed these guarantees and to assemble a lawful State we must be operating as Lawful People and adopting no duty or responsibility but that of State Nationals and State Citizens.

The States and People who are the employers of the States of States are not in competition with them and not even in the same jurisdiction with them, so it is impossible to claim that we, Americans, are in any way operating in insurrection against our own government or acting in competition with or in insurrection against any State of State or franchise belonging to the Territorial or Municipal United States Government

We occupy our own sphere as they are also obligated to inhabit their own.

So now, hopefully, you can all clearly see why it is a big No-No and a crime for anyone acting as a US Citizen to form a competing State of State— they already owe their loyalty to the existing corporations.

Hopefully it is also clear why American State Citizens engaged in assembling an actual State are working on a whole different level and under constitutional guarantees to assemble the States that infact employ the States of States.

We aren’t in competition with or even acting in the same jurisdiction as any state of state commercial corporation.

Those of you who have followed my instructions and done and recorded your paperwork are in this second group of “Assemblies” —–forming a lawful Assembly engaged in manifesting a sovereign unincorporated State of the Union as one of the People of this great country, owed every jot of the constitutional guarantees–including the right to peaceably assemble.

Those who refuse to do the paper work and make the proper Declarations remain US Citizens —and US Citizens are not protected nor enabled to participate in any assembly process.

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Reader Charles Miller: “I do not deal in or address presumptions. I rely on principles, facts, law and procedures moved in boni fide contracts.”

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In Response To: Reader Sovereign: to Charles Miller – “Refute the presumptions” (hobie)

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Reader Charles writes:


Re: Reader Sovereign: to Charles Miller – ‘Ref….

Thank you Hobie and RMN for facilitating open dialogue.

To Sovereign,

Thank you for your honorable response.

I do not deal in or address presumptions. I rely on principles, facts, law and procedures moved in boni fide contracts.

However, you are preaching to the choir.

I do in fact own the NAME and have for over 15 years. I have perfected title on public record in multiple jurisdictions. All of which are open public record.

I recognized over 20 years ago that the UCC deals in commerce. It is a limited jurisdiction.

I investigated who the actual owners of the commercial jurisdiction were.

I establish my legal relations with them in their own forum, under their own rules under their own procedures and in their own venues.

I also recognized over 20 years ago that there were multiple jurisdictions operating in my country.

The simple fact is the jurisdictions authorized to operate in my country are not limited nor controlled by the commercial jurisdiction. In fact, the commercial jurisdiction serves the original jurisdictions in our country.

I decided to find the fundamental jurisdiction or the house where this country began and work from there.

I called this country, The United States of America, a house in a very precise sense.

It occurred to me that the first jurisdictions would be the place to establish my standing at capacity.

I established my clear and precise illegal relationship with the governments attached to this land from day one. I perfected those documents on public record on open forum.

I properly served each of the interested parties. These parties are both local and international.

The service was perfected and there are no longer presumptions on either side.

There has never been an objection nor a rebuttal nor a protest to my positions. In fact it appears that the fundamental positions are not only recognized yet respected.

Perhaps you might find the term depositing creditor an interesting study.

The commercial jurisdiction in this country is a derivative of the original. It is also a subservient to the original jurisdiction.

I have never found any evidence whatsoever in the extensive records I have reviewed, both locally and internationally, indicating I am of any capacity whatsoever I did not decide on my own for myself.

What I did find is a series of compounding and accumulating presumptions based on a series of trespasses, usurpations and frauds.

What I did find is that private money, owned as private property by the Federal Reserve and private law administered by a private association operates exclusively on presumptions for which there is no evidence available anywhere. The records exist to show that these two operations function together as a master slave matrix. One is the protection for the other and vice a versa. One statement/question exposes this conclusively. If a federal judge, any judge, is paid in private money, who does he work for, the owner of the private money, or, the people that provided the house for him to administer his powers in? I think the answer is obvious.

What I did find is that all of those accepting these presumptions by the characters relying on them, and arguing or supporting the presumptions with actions define themselves as limited in capacity by their own actions.

What I also found is that attempting to escape from an overbearing system by using the very system that is trespassing upon one is an exercise in double minded actions.

Double minded individuals are very rarely listened to. What I found is the understanding of the difference between relief and remedy is the key element.

I have never been one to much to accept relief when remedy is actually available!

I have never been one to accept a foreign jurisdiction.

From all indications the positions established as outlined above have caused the auditors over very many systems trespassing on America to go into action. It appears as if the pressures are building beyond the point of containment.

The fundamental principles I work with are covered in a very few short statements.

All law is contract, all law is private between the parties to the contract, and all law deals with property and property rights.

Principles first, facts of record second, law third, and procedures going through the chain to the principals forth.

If I do not define myself someone else will because I don’t know who I am!

Servants interpretations of my contracts have no value to me unless I pay them for a service to advise me.

Reference to the laws exercising the jurisdictions controlling subjects as written by subjects to their owner are of no value to me.

I am not a subject.

I look forward to more dialogue.


Reader Sovereign: to Charles Miller – “Refute the presumptions” ?

Re: Reader Charles Miller: Refute these Presum….


A Legal Way To Defeat This System

Specifically, there is a defendant living in Florida who discovered the answer to this puzzle and properly embraced his (all caps name / strawman) by registering it as a “Fictitious Name” with the state of Florida.

This process identified him as having a commercial and intellectual proprietary interest in the (all caps name). He, by entering it as such clearly on the Public Record, successfully rebutted all (12) presumptions on the private side of the Admiralty Court and nullified its “jurisdiction.”

What did he do?

The Registration of a Fictitious Name is something you might do if you wanted to open a commercial business and you wanted to reserve a “creative name” to identify that business. The process, however, does not obligate you to ever open a business or to incorporate. It simply reserves the name for your future use and as your commercial and intellectual proprietary property.

For many years patriots have attempted to disassociate their sovereign beings from the legal fiction – the all caps name / strawman – created by the corporate government because this was designed to make you personally vulnerable and convert your living being into a corporation – a thing – and the property of the corporate government.

Certain patriots properly decided to embrace the corporate fiction / strawman as their own personal property by affidavit using a Financing Statement filed under the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) as a notice to the world. This is because an unrebutted affidavit stands as Truth in Commerce and the government never rebuts these affidavits.

So why didn’t it work?

The patriots bypassed one crucial step. They failed to rebut the presumptions of the private side of the corporate government and courts that imprisoned their sweat equity and labor.

An unrebutted presumption stands as Truth in Commerce. Their presumption nullified the affidavit and placed them on the private side.

There are twelve (12) key presumptions asserted by the Private Bar Guilds, which, if left unchallenged, stand as Truth in Commerce.

These are:

The Public Record

Public Service

Public Oath




Court of Guardians

Court of Trustees

Government as Executor/Beneficiary

Executor De Son Tort (not a party to)



I’m only going to discuss (6) of those (12) presumptions. However, Frank O’Collins did a superb job addressing these presumptions in an expose’ titled “A history of today’s slavery” and I encourage you all to read it.

1. Canon 3228 (i): The Presumption Of Public Record

Any matter brought before a lower Roman Court is a matter for the public record, when in fact it is presumed by the Private Bar Guild as private business. Unless this presumption is openly rebutted by filing or stating clearly on the Public Record that the matter is to be a part of the Public Record, the matter remains on the private side as private Bar Guild business under private Guild rules.

The defendant in this particular case recorded on the Public Record the Registration Certificate issued by the state of Florida, identifying his registered ownership of the fictitious (all caps name), which proved that he was not the alleged defendant on the Courts Docket. I believe I should refer to him as the alleged defendant from here on.

2. Canon 3228 (ii), (iii) and (iv): The Presumptions Of Public Service; Oath And Immunity.

If the Judge ignores the alleged defendants Fictitious Name Registration entered into the Public Record, which is clearly presented to him in open Court and then decides to move forward with the case, he violates his public service oath and judicial immunity under these sub-sections.

3. Canon 3228 (v): The Presumption Of Summons

A summons, when unrebutted, stands as Truth in Commerce. Attendance in a Court is usually invoked by invitation and therefore one who attends Court initiated by a summons, warrant, subpoena or replevin bond, is presumed to accept the position of a (defendant, juror, witness or thing) and the (jurisdiction) of the Court.

If these instruments are not rejected and returned, with a copy of the rejection filed clearly on the Public Record (jurisdiction) the presumed position and the presumption of guilt also stands as Truth in Commerce.

In this particular case the alleged defendant rebutted his forced appearance by presenting the Judge with the recorded registration certificate issued by Florida. This certificate stated he is not the defendant on the courts docket. ‘The name is fictitious and I am the registered owner of that name under Florida law.’

4. Canon 3228 (vi): The Presumption Of Custody

Those who attend a Court initiated pursuant to the command of a summons or warrant, is presumed to be “corporate property or a thing” and therefore is liable to be detained in custody by the Courts appointed or elected “Custodian.”

Custodians may only retain custody over “property and things” and not flesh and blood living beings. Unless this presumption is openly challenged by rejection of the summons or warrant on the Public Record, the presumption stands as Truth in Commerce and you are thereafter treated as a “thing or property.”

In this particular case this presumption was absolutely rebutted when the alleged defendant proved his arrest was a case of mistaken identity and in no way could the Court Custodian detain him after that.

Sixteen words written across the face of the summons or warrant; notarized and filed on the Public Record will cure most problems. Those words are:

I do not accept this offer to contract and I do not consent to these proceedings.

In addition to the above sections of Canon Law 3228, the defendant has also unknowingly rebutted the balance of the (12) presumptions:

Court Guardians

Court Trustees

Government as Executor and Beneficiary

Executor De Son Tort (not a party to)



This particular defendant succeeded in accomplishing all of this by “registering” his ALL CAPS name as a “Fictitious Name” in which only he now owns an absolute commercial and intellectual proprietary interest in the state of Florida. By entering it in the (Public Record) he has overcome all (12) presumptions and nullified the “prosecution and jurisdiction” of the private Roman court. His next step would be to record it in the UCC, which is a notice to the world.

There is no way for the corporate government and private Roman Court to proceed against this living being. If the prosecutor was to disclose the presumptive frauds that the Court has been operating under in the private side, it would also nullify the case and subject the judge to arrest and damages for “prosecutorial fraud” and the “absence of jurisdiction.”

Please note that the judge’s only legal response to the alleged defendant is to Order a “Stay” until the defendant secures counsel (meaning an attorney and BAR Guild member). If it is reported that the alleged defendant has not secured counsel the case remains absolutely deadlocked! If this open “stay” does not cause him any harm (and it shouldn’t) he can choose to

do nothing or

he can file a two page “Motion to Dismiss” or

he can file a “Rule to Show Cause” seeking a summary judgment for damages on behalf of his living being.

What would happen if the individual follows the judge’s advice and hires an attorney? In all probability his attorney would use the alleged defendant’s “signed power of attorney” to withdraw the “Fictitious Name Registration” from the Public Record. The defendant would more than likely be imprisoned, tried on the private side, and convicted!

What other applications can this process be used for?


tax collections


debt collections

the vehicle code, to name a few.

All of these matters are found on the private side and none could withstand a Constitutional challenge.

Again, checkmate! (Don’t you just love a good story with a happy ending?)

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“The new new lex mercatoria now looks like state law, only better. The most important resemblance it bears to its earlier ver-sion is that the new new lex mercatoria is still portrayed as a law without political influence. This looks like a global re-inauguration of the emancipation within the state law of private commercial law from politics.If such a lex mercatoria existed, it could indeed constitute a global law with-out a state. That it is law seems clear. More problematic is the claim for indepen-dence from national laws. Some view the system of international arbitration as progressing toward autonomy.42 Some point out that the UNIDROIT Principles go beyond their basis in party autonomy43 and are now almost fully independent of national laws.” – link




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