Google warns the EU that a link tax will hurt news sites more than it hurts them

“Spoiler: it’s not good news for the publishing industry and journalists that have become accustomed to little luxuries like stability and money.” – The Inquirer .Net

EU’s Parliament Signs Off on Disastrous Internet Law: What Happens Next?

“Europe’s Internet users can’t depend on the tech companies to fight this. The battle will have to continue, as it has done in these last few weeks, with millions of everyday users uniting online and on the streets to demand their right to be free of censorship, and free to communicate without algorithmic censors or arbitrary licensing requirements.

EU netizens will need to organize and support independent European digital rights groups willing to challenge the Directive in court.

And outside Europe, friends of the Internet will have to brace themselves to push back against copyright maximalists attempting to export this terrible Directive to the rest of the world. We must, and we will, regroup and stand together to stop this Directive in Europe, and prevent it spreading further.” – EFF.ORG

EU Politicians Try To Create A New ‘Link Tax’ To Protect Newspapers Who Don’t Like Sites Linking For Free