Peacock Angels – 6768

Who Are The Yazidis ( Yezidis )  in the can of worms known as the MIDDLE EAST in 2018 ?

The Peacock Angel in other Religions

The Yezidis maintain that Tawsi Melek is manifest in all religions, although not always in the form of a peacock. This is because in ancient times the various tribes of people on the Earth were initially taught the secrets of worship and human enlightenment by the Peacock Angel but later changed his appearance and name. His titles of Savior and King of the World remained, however. The following are just a few of the forms Tawsi Melek eventually morphed into around the globe: – YezediTruth.Org

Compass: The Yazidi – People of the Peacock Angel

Douglas Dietrich on the Anti Gods and the Peacock Angel Named Melek Taus

The group holds two Guinness records, one for fastest dance performance with 241 steps per minute and another for largest audience, 400 000 people in Ereğli, in the Black Sea Region of Turkey.

Peacock Angel & the 72 branches of the Tree of Life