Zoroaster Found Jesus Star

Who owns Iran’s history?

PERSIA & CREATION OF JUDAISM – Book 5.  ( Persian Propaganda The Prophets: The Persian Propagandists )

Elijaah and Elisha – Biblicists always have trouble in seeing through the internal chronology of the bible. They know full well that the Jews were particularly fond of writing pseudepigraphs, works that pretend to be by an authoritative writer. There is a whole faculty of biblicism devoted to studying pseudepigraphs, but too many biblical experts refuse to accept that the bible itself is full of them. They will accept the odd book, such as Daniel as being a pseudepigraph because it is so obvious it cannot be denied, but they will persist that other books of the prophets are all historical works, contemporary with the events they describe! The prophets are known entirely from the bible. They are not historical figures. Christian commentators will give convincing sounding lives and times of the prophets but they are paraphrases of the bible tied in with contemporary history also from the bible or from the supposed time of the events. – full story link

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Classical Persian Music – Iranian Folk Songs

Iranian Tv Commercials from the 70’s

Why Iran got away with using a $500 mln New York skyscraper as a secret slush fund for 22 years

The skyscraper in the heart of Manhattan had been violating US sanctions since 1995. Its tenants—who have included Juicy Couture, Godiva Chocolate, and Starwood Hotels—have been paying millions of dollars a year to, ultimately, the Iranian government. – LINK

How Persia Created Judaism: Persian and Jewish Religion

PERSIA, TEHRAN – 30s – 40s