Jesus the Phoenician: Unveiling the Hidden Identity of Christ?

Could it be possible that Jesus was not Jewish? Delving into the history of the Canaan-Phoenicians, Karim El Koussa searches for the true identity of the Christian savior and challenges conventional thinking about his origins. – Lebanese American University


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In what language did God write the Ten Commandments?

( a few comments from the video include –

If the Jewish slaves were unable to read, why did God write the ten commandments down.

No record of Hebrew slavery in Egypt. Strong record of Hebrew enslaving Hebrew and proselytizing to other cultures.

the code of ethics began in Egypt. everything that followed is a plagiarized version of this

Hebrew is a dialect of the Canaanite group, which is also Northwest Semitic. Even in the Hebrew Bible, Sacred passages are still written in Aramaic.

GOD has No Religion and Judaism is psychopathy IMHO All semites belong to the dravidian clan to which the Yadava tribe belong (ancient hebrews). From this tribe (Yadava) began the war on humanity (Krishna/Balarama against Indra). The word Yadavas was derived from the term “Yah Devas,” meaning Devas of Yah. “Arabian” peninsula was a paradise before the semites came (around and after 3000BC). Hebrews was Abhiras – mentioned as warriors in support of Duryodhana in Mahabharta war. The Abhiras also have been described as Vratas. Pnaini mentions these Vratas as robbers. Satana is near the district called Khandesh (Land of Cain). There is also a Kodesh. Kod and Khad are Sanskrit terms for “First,” “The Beginning,” or “God.” Hyksos and hebrews are not identical. Moses: It was also reported that the priest, who ordained their polity and their laws, was by birth of Heliopolis, and his name Osarsiph, from Osyris, who was the god of Heliopolis; but that when he was gone over to these people, his name was changed, and he was called Moses. (by Manetho)

It was in Egyptian because God didn’t write them Moses stole them from the Egyptian book of the dead!

For those who doubt Ashraf Ezzat’s work. Take a look at this. The 1st Aramaic proverbs says, “Honor the Ethiop before thou hast need of him”, (Ecclus. 38:1).” Why is the word “Ethiop” there if the tales of the old testament happened exactly in Jerusalem as Jews claim?

Chronology of the Jews under Persia