Queen Anna

The United States has been Hijacked w/ Judge Anna Von Reitz

White Hats– Get This to Trump, ASAP, Please?

THEY used The United States of America [Unincorporated], as the Credit Account
in their Double Accrual Accounting System adopted in 1946. We got all the assets
and credit accumulation, while they kept the debt as a control mechanism.

The two sides of the ledger were never reconciled, with the result that we got richer and richer and had the full benefit of all accruals and interest undisturbed, while they did nothing but gather debt, debt, and more debt.

This is anti-intuitive until you realize the aims of the Vermin. – cont’d LINK

The National Credit

“The National Credit” — My First YouTube Video — By Me – Ever

“There are milestones in every life. For me, a woman plagued
by shyness, a big one came yesterday.  I made my first YouTube video. . .

“we have been “blocked” from having access to our wealth and instead, our purported “Trustees” have been using our accumulated wealth as a gigantic investment fund.

They have used it to secure majority ownership interest in all the Fortune 500 Companies and to rig commodity markets including currency markets from here to Bangkok and we’ve never seen a dime .

Instead, all we hear is the Territorial and Municipal United States officials poor mouthing about their “National Debt” and more than a few of us assume that the “U.S. National Debt” is something we owe — when in fact, it is mostly owed to us.

We are, rich beyond Midas on paper and in terms of actual assets, working like dumb animals in a treadmill, and our purported Trustees (the Popes and British Monarchs and the members of “the” United States Congress) and their bankers are sitting like cats in cream enjoying our money and exercising our power “for” us, bilking us, reducing us to poverty, and ignoring the National Debt of our subcontractors…

But we have news for them and good news for Mr. Trump.
At least nine-tenths of his “National Debt” is owed to us.
We are his Priority Creditors.
And we have enough money and credit on the books to:
(1) wipe away the U.S. National Debt like a fly-speck; or
(2) simply forgive the debt and get him out of hock and out from under the thumb and forefingers of any international bankruptcy trustees.

And then, maybe, with a renewed sense of duty and understanding of how this country is supposed to work, we can combine forces to put the rest of the screws where they need to go.  That is the import and meaning of my first YouTube video addressed to President Donald J. Trump and the American People.

Let’s stop being stupid. Reconcile the accounts and go after the crooks.

Make America great again. Make the whole world great again.


The Queen, in my estimation did little or nothing to reform and showed no sign of repentance while Mr. Obama was in Office. It has only been since Donald Trump took Office that she has done anything substantial toward paying her own debts and correcting the operations of her agents on our shores
“There is still much to be desired from the Queen and her Consort, such as the return of our share of the “Life Force Value Annuities” which Prince Philip received under false presumptions in April 2017, and the return of all our intellectual properties, all rights, titles and interests, all copyrights and patents, and the payment of all the leases and fees we are owedreturn of all the bogus mortgages and internal revenue taxes we never owed, all the birth certificates, everything in fact that is rightfully ours — free and clear and restored.

… First Thought … May the best Queen Win !

Important Message

About Karen Hudes:
By Anna Von Reitz

For the Generals, the Popes, the Monarchs, the General Populace, the United Nations, the United Nations Security Council, the Trilateral Commission, the members of “Congress”, the President of the United States (Corporation), the Democrats, the Republicans, Her Britannic Majesty, the Lord Mayor of London, the Lords of the Admiralty, the Banks, the British Crown Corporation, and Everyone Else Who Needs to Know

1. Karen Hudes is a Bar Attorney pretending to “represent” us based on an appointment to do so granted to her by the World Bank.

First, she does not and cannot represent us. We are presenting ourselves as the Naked Owners. That should be enough said.

Second, she does not and cannot represent us.
By our Public Law since 1819, no member of the Bar
can hold any Public Office or position of trust related to us.
Ms. Hudes is trying to assume a “position
of trust”, but she is prohibited by our Law from doing so

Third, she does not and cannot represent us.  The World Bank has been complicit in defrauding us and has no consent to appoint anyone to any position of trust related to us.

We are competent to handle our own affairs, thank you, very much.link

This is all just business, gentlemen.

There is the “United States of America” Incorporated, which you will see referenced in The Definitive Treaty of Paris, 1783, which names King George III as “Arch-Treasurer” of that British commercial corporation.

And then, there is “The United States of America” [Unincorporated] which is, just coincidentally, the American Common Law copyrighted name of the Federation of our States operating in international trade and commerce as of September 9, 1776 — years before the Treaty of Paris hit the bricks.

So what is going on here?

It’s called “mirroring” — a deliberate effort to confuse one thing for another, by semantic deceit or other means, seeking to deceive the gullible among us for purposes of unjust enrichment via direct theft — as in identity theft — or via surreptitious theft of credit, both of which have gone on here.

They have run up debts “in the name of” the United States of America and then left everyone to assume that those debts are debts owed by The United States of America.

This is not the first time they have done this fraud scheme pas de deux. The only difference is that we woke up and caught them at it.

Now they are telling you that the “United States” and the “United States of America” are both bankrupt and they can’t make the payroll. But which “United States of America” are they talking about?

Well, get a clue. It’s not us. It’s not our Federation of States and most importantly, not our people on the hook for this. It wasn’t us on the hook last time they pulled this crappola in 1907 or 1933, either — but we were dunned for it. And we stupidly paid it, because it appeared to be addressed to us.

This time, it’s not going to go the way they would like it to go. They are going to pay their own debts and honor their obligations to this country, including the vast debt that they already owe us as a result of their earlier fraud.

We realize that they can’t possibly pay it all back and that we will have to forgive vast amounts of debt, but at the end of the day, there is no doubt whatever that we are their Priority Creditors.

Which means that we are owed all the credit and money that they purloined from our States and that we have first dibs— not the Secondary Creditors. And not the “US Trustees” appointed as bankruptcy Trustees by those Secondary Creditors.

As for you, Generals, if you want to get paid, the process is simple enough. Go back to work for the actual States and People that you owe your allegiance to: The United States of America [Unincorporated]. It’s going to be a lot easier to put the screws to Rome, London, Edinburgh, and Hong Kong than it is to deal with 350 million outraged Americans, a billion Chinese and only God knows how many Russians.