~Real Jots~

The book of Bob – chapter 957 v.24 (HILLBILLY EDITION)

Who will judge the Judges ? Who will judge the tricksters that call themselves your Judge …

not you ! you were taught to ‘judge not’

how’s that working out for you ?

The first time I bowed down to that God you created was the last time … The last time you tried to prove you could think your way out of that prison for profits they built for ‘folks’ who smoke weed … You failed … There you are … still sitting there … unable to read this because SMART PHONES are NOT allowed for bad boys like you !

pray a little harder ! change the frequency ! C’mon you can do it ! It’s mind over matter ! That’s what your new age teachers always taught you ! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE … IS IT ?

Where did prison’s for profit like that come from … who’s bright idea was it to lock you up for the SINS they define … OH ! that’s right ! That came from the same GOOD PEOPLE who invented that NEW AGE GOD for you in the first place ! YOUR MARIJUANA WAS AN INSULT TO THEIR HUMBLE INTELLIGENCE … NOT ONLY WERE YOU SMOKING IT, YOU WERE SELLING IT ! Oh, who to thank !

Make your dreams come true ! Nothing is impossible ! You live in America !  The land of the free and home of the brave !

They tricked us with their halo’s

& deceived us with their horns

They’ve been stealing from us

since the day we were born

But now the weakest links are breaking

And their hearts will be torn

When there’s nothing left to steal

But the sound of a storm.

Here’s a Question …

Have we all been singing songs for the last 100 years thinking ‘baby’ meant ‘girlfriend’ or ‘wife’ or ‘fiance’ WHILE the shapeshifting snakes who decide which songs go on top … really DO mean BABY …

By now everyone has heard about playing songs backwards and encoded messages in famous songs … which most of us don’t pay much attention



use your own memory about all the REALLY CATCHY SONGS with ‘baby’ and you’ll begin to discover how deep the deception of pop music really is … 

and prepare to have your mind blown ! — 1. examples … i luv u baby and if it’s quite alright I’LL CULL YOU BABY   2 . —- ain’t nothing like the real (    ) baby  3, 4, 5 …. 99 …. 9999 !!! yes, we have been enslaved by global controllers who’ve been enjoying the slaves singing about evil things they embed in the sweetest love songs … (this is a note, not an edited diatribe for clickbait … )


Two can play the same game
But there’s only one of you
Still feeding that embroidered
Quack headed dying goose

She has so many players
Genuine leather & lace
Keep that in mind, the next time
You fake another Jake

Jez is gonna break you
A is gonna B
Push is gonna shove some
C into your E

When you start imitating
The one you think vibrates
To all of that sweet
Honey, Honey, Honey, Hey

She has so many voices
That you’ll never shake
The last question you sequestered
Didn’t scratch her DNA

She has so many choices
None resemble your fake
Pointless dull excuses
You get paid to chase

She’s not here to teach you
And you’re not here to learn
But we can’t help laughing
At the way you burn

Your candles in the window
Trying to discern
Fact from fiction, who is Kate
Permission to revibrate

Dance a little harder
Cash another spell
Steal another body
Ring another bell

Find another reason
Take another pill
We know your name’s not Jack
And you’ll never pass for Jill

She has so many players
Genuine leather & lace
Answer the secret question
And show some DNA

Tell Jez what your name is
in 2068

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This page is no longer online … or is it


It might be, if you scroll down and find this little thought

about perception … and the definition of online hasn’t changed …


Everyone’s perception of ‘progress’ is different …

And changes as we experience things …

Every new experience including the books we read

The places we visit and the relationships we experience

Changes our perceptions …

Everything is in a constant state of motion …

If you wake up tomorrow and the first thing you see on your

favorite news site … (imagine) Trump Dyes His Hair Dark Purple

and won’t say why !!! Your perception of The USA will change

accordingly … but, if you never read the headline or use anything

but a radio … and nobody tells you … your perception may change

of him because of the cue cards hid Vice Mice read to the WHIRLED

but the fact that he has dyed his hair will not influence your perception

of the lesser of 2 evils you voted for in 2018 ….