The Federal Government Re-classified You as a Slave – Ron Gibson

Ron Gibson: The Truth Will Set You Free – Disk 1 of 5

Ron Gibson is a very smart fellow, and one of the leading experts in the United States on contract law, individual sovereignty and Land Patent Titles. …  I encourage you to view all 5 videos, for it will be equivalent to a college education regarding who we really are. – NorthWestLibertyNews

There are a total of 11 different land patents; including mineral patents, homestead patents and railroad patents, to name a few. Continuing with land patents, Ron points out that the Warranty Deed that you have for your house, although official looking, DOES NOT grant you ownership.

In 45 years, Ron has only seen 2 challenges on a Land Patent Title, and both were un-successful because of the certifications already in place. Very powerful stuff!

On disk 4 of ‘The Truth Will Set You Free’, Ron Gibson recaps the discussion on jurisdiction, and outlines the importance of 3 witnesses. As Ron continues to peel back the layers of the onion, he forges into an explanation of what is meant by “color of law,” and how it violates full disclosure. Subsequently, the audience is able to quickly determine that all of it is essentially a misrepresentation of the truth, and a colossal fraud. Circling back around to the Land Patent process, Ron continues to provide step-by-step instruction on the finer points of the Land Patent Title, and how to properly secure the same for your property. Ron’s attention to detail is second to none, as he advises the audience on key points such as proper document formatting, prime locations to post your announcement, and the importance of having companion photographs when you, as Ron strongly suggests, document the entire process. Editor’s note: Even if you have a mortgage on your current home, you can still proceed with the Land Patent Title process; for the Land Patent is tied to the land and has no relationship to any structure on said patented property.