God – John Lennon (legendado)

Thank God For Muslims, Jews, Christians & Catholics Who Want To Turn Me Into A Slave !

I must be good for something … Thank God For These Caves !

Thank God They are still busy fighting each other and it’s still legal to fake it on Fry Day !

Thank God For God ! Where Would We Be Without That Concept !

Thank God For Websites That Fail To Meet Orginizational Protocol !

And Website Designers Who Can Help You Keep Up With The Jones For A Price !

Thank God I won’t see you at the next Domain Investor Convention

Or in Heaven !

Thank God You’re still stupid enough to think I forget about Automatic CONTENT


On Auto Pilot ! Zooooooooom ! LOOK ! It’s an automatic song you never heard before

because we just had our CONTROL SYSTEM create one JUST FOR YOU !

THANK GOD for intellectual property thieves and the 10 fake views they give me daily !

Thank God it’s still legal to talk to yourself !

Thank God I can change this WORD to TURD if I feel like it !

Because your God is not my God

And Your Timeline has nothing to do with MY SCRATCHPAD !