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The GoldFish Report Public Statement About the Silencing of Winston Shrout

So, WINSTON SHROUT was convicted of “income tax” offenses.  You can only be convicted of such offenses if you or your “vessels” owe such taxes— right? – cont’d – About Winston Shrout – Anna Von Reitz

“A federal judge heard testimony Thursday about Winston Shrout’s “unusual, bizarre and implausible” delusions but still found the prominent sovereign citizen competent to face sentencing next month for failing to pay taxes for 20 years. Shrout represented himself at a trial in 2017 and was found guilty of 13 counts of issuing fake financial documents to banks and six counts of willful failure to file tax returns.” – cont’d – Virgo Triad

The GoldFish Report No. 267- Country Roads w/ Winston Shrout: Metaphysics of the Monetary Correction – The GoldFish Report

“Winston describes the relationship of metaphysics and the monetary “correction”, and goes through explaining that the imminent economic or monetary correction is NOT a collapse, but is one step of the total correction of the financial matrix on the planet. Thanks in part due to the commercial lien Winston placed on the Central Bank which prevented them from renewing their charter, President Trump can now End the Fed, as he announced he would do. That means introducing a new monetary system and U.S Currency i.e. the new U.S. Treasure Note or gold backed dollar. Next, Winston explains how the stock market is based on futures i.e., future labor and productivity of each person compliments of your birth certificate, and how that will correct as well. Again, without knowing what is contained in NESARA Winston can not support it until he reviews it but another part of the monetary system that must correct is stopping the banks from taking the accounts payable off ledger in a double ledger accounting system. The books need to balance to zero as in the example Winston gives of Jesus on the cross, literally nailed to the ledger cross to accept the surety for humanity. Winston also shares a book that is available online that explains the public and private side of Commercial redemption which can be searched for under “Interpretive Writings”. There is much more than that in this information packed program and we thank Winston for sharing his wisdom with us! For more information about Winston’s Solutions in Commerce visit To receive our Reports you can subscribe to our The GoldFish Report BITCHUTE Channel LINK cont’d …

The GoldFish Report No. 273 Country Roads: DEN OF THIEVES: Third Party Debt Collectors – The GoldFish Report